10 Tips For Safe Travel

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10 tips for safe travel

10 Tips For Safe Travel

Here are 10 Tips for Safe Travel.  Keep them in mind during planning and while traveling. Your safety and security is the most important thing to pack when going on a trip.

10 tips for safe travel


Arrive safely-
Driving through the night is considered by many to be a great time to hit the road when traffic is not as heavy. However, night-driving may not be your best choice. Drive when you are most alert. The National Safety Council says traffic death rates are three times greater at night than during the day. If you can’t avoid night driving, have at least one person stay awake to talk to the driver and help keep them alert and engaged. Creating a great playlist is another way to stay focused and have a little fun while driving. Try a sing-a-long where everyone can get involved. Safety on the road is a very high priority.  Stay alert and stay alive.

Choose your accommodations considering more than price –
Location, location, location is more important than anything else.  Accommodations located in business areas could be very desolate over the weekend when there are no work week activities. Research your accommodation location to make sure it is safe and in an area where everyone will feel secure. Think about the activities you’ll want to do. Will you be out and return late at night, will you have to travel far to see and do the things on your list?

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Share privately or share less –
Social media sharing is a big deal now days and one thing that we may not think about is how others share what we share. Create private groups to share photos while you’re away.  Too much sharing could alert others that your home is vacant and also where you’re staying, where you’re going and what you’re doing.

Bring Cash-
Credit cards get all of the favor these days. Some travelers will leave home with just a small amount of cash and plan to use credit cards for everything they will do.  Today cash still holds high regard for being accessible in emergencies.  Think about the what if’s –  what if my credit card is stolen or loss, what if I need to tip, what if I’m in an emergency and I need to pay for something, what about transportation option? There are many what ifs that could come up while traveling and having cash on hand can make things go much smoother. And, to ensure the safety and security of your cash and credit cards here are a few other tips. Have a copy of your credit card info, it’s much easier to get them replace when you have more information about them.  Keep cash in your pocket and in your wallet. If your wallet is stolen you’ll have some cash reserve left. And, using the hotel room safe is the best place to store extra cash, credit cards and other items while you’re out and about.

Know the address and phone number of your accommodation-
This seems like a simple tip, but it is amazing how often we will venture out without this information. Put the contact info in your telephone contacts for easy reference in case you need it.
Traveling international – make a copy of the hotel details either from note paper in your room or have someone at the reception desk write it down. This tip is invaluable in situations where you do not speak the language and you need assistance getting back to your hotel.  With the address and telephone number written down someone can be helpful with directions and information, as well as with transportation and in an emergency.

Use a buddy system-
There is safety in numbers. Traveling in pairs – we learned that in elementary school.  And, it still applies – there really is safety in numbers.  When going out pair up as much as possible. Of course there are times you may go out alone, but make sure someone knows where you are going, who you are meeting and what time you are expected to arrive and return.

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Enroll in the STEP program – Smart Traveler Enrollment Program-

STEP enables the State Department to contact you in case of a family emergency, or to notify you of a crisis near your travel destination. You can also download the Smart Traveler iPhone App that provides additional tips and information.

Another tips – have the address or contact information for the American consulate or U.S. Embassy in the country where you’re headed. Tell friends and relatives in the U.S. of your travel itinerary and check in with them often.


Know what to do in an emergency-
This is especially true when traveling international. How are emergencies handled in this country? How do I get help?  Who do you call? What do you do next? How do you notify family and friends at home?  Research these questions and more before leaving and have a plan in place.

Share your itinerary-
Leave a detailed copy of your itinerary with family and/or friends. In case something happens it will be very helpful for someone to know where you were scheduled to be – date, time, location, and who you are planning to meet. This isn’t a “it’s no one’s business” but a just in case someone needs to know your whereabouts.
Watch the weather-
A sunny day can change quickly. And, bad weather can change travel plans and make your destination become a spot for evacuations. Traveling during hurricane season is a good example of the importance to know how the city you are traveling to will respond to inclement weather. Is evacuation necessary, where are travelers instructed to go. Did you purchase travel insurance? An option to protect your getaway is Allianz Travel insurance. It’s important to purchase the insurance prior to leaving for your trip and before storms are named.
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    Thank you for sharing these important 10 tips!
    It’s important people think about these things so they’re prepared for when they travel.
    Thanks again 🙂


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