Travel Gear Review – Our biggest and best one ever!

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Travel Gear Review 2019
Our Biggest and Best Ever!

Travel gear! All the things that make traveling easier, more organize and a lot more fun.  Here’s our largest ever travel gear review with items for everyone. And, just in time for the summer travel rush but with things you can use throughout the year. Take a look and you’ll find something for the weekend traveler, the avid on-the-road-all-the -time traveler and great items for the college student heading off to study abroad. Surprisingly you will agree many of the items are great for use at home too.

Order items by clicking on the links after each description and they’ll arrive in time for your getaway or maybe you’re looking for a gift for the person who has everything.

The Travel Bags Team has tested each of the items and we decided this year toOnline respect and social media, thumbs up and heart, netiquette concept
pull out Annita’s favorites and share them with you. Look for the Two Thumbs Up icon for her favorites and know they have been road tested time and time again.

Share your favorite travel gear too.  And, leave any comments are questions below – we love ’em


Lipault Spinner Suitcase and Duffle


In the midst of hard-side and soft-side luggage debates, there are many bags to sort through in order to find one that you can call your own. Annita’s all time favorite travel gear is her Lipault carry-on. “I love this soft-side bag for easy packing, especially for someone who gathers a ton of things along my journey. From destination brochures to souvenirs I’m always stuffing in a last minute item…. and it fits. The four wheel spinner feature is easy on my wrist and I can roll instead of pull it down the airport concourses, bumpy streets and long hotel hallways.  And it’s lightweight even with the PVC reinforced nylon fabric.  It’s my go to bag on every trip!

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Carry-on Spinner – $220
Carry-on Duffle  – $150


PacSafe – VentureSafe EXP34 Anti-Theft Wheeled Luggage

VenturesafeEXP_34_50205100_Black VenturesafeEXP_34_50205100_Black_3 VentureSafe_EXP34_01_lo


Sometimes a suitcase comes along that’s practical and a showstopper. Walking through the airport is like walking down a runway.  Annita loves this PacSafe bag for the practical side and the style too!  “You can pack the whole family’s vacation in one bag, cutting down on luggage fees and minimizing the number of bags you need to take along.  It’s my new go to bag when I need to pack extra shoes, gear and just lots of extras for my trip. I was stopped several times and asked about the bag.  It’s definitely eye-catching!”

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Aleon Cases – 19 Inch Carry-On Case


If a suitcase can be high-fashion, here it is. The lines, the simplicity of classy, sophistication are all in the design. Nothing over done, but a solid case made of aircraft grade aluminum, double-reinforced aluminum corners and high density double quad dual wheels, it shouts beauty in a suitcase.  And, Annita has proof it’s a show stopper.  “Walking through the Atlanta and Amsterdam airports I was stopped several times to answer questions about my Aleon carry-on. And if I wasn’t stopped, I could easily see people doing a double-take!  It’s a show stopper and for the hard-side lovers ….. it’s a solid case for great protection!”

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Traveler’s Choice – T-Cruiser Line


Known for great choices for the occasional travelers and for the avid world travelers, the  bags offer something for all your travel needs – hard-side or soft-side. The 22 inch Upright case opens wide to get everything into the zipper pockets and extra large space for clothes and shoes.  And, there’s a really cool outside side pocket with a magnetic closure.  The T-Cruiser line offers various styles and colors – matching luggage sets are a great gift idea for the college grad starting a career with out-of-town trips. They’ll look very professional with their luggage set.

Traveler’s Choice
(Click to find similar Traveler’s Choice luggage)



Luglife Puddle Jumper with wheels


Travel like you’re in First-class everywhere you go. It doesn’t matter if you are going on a road trip with your family or wine tasting with your girlfriends, this bag carries it all and it rolls. Luglife’s ready-to-go bag is based on the best-selling Puddle Jumper. With four wheels, a retractable handle and pockets galore, you’re stylish and organized.




Luglife’s Puddle Jumper Backpack

Backpacks are the trending travel gear and finding your favorite among the many can be a task. Annita’s favorite backpack for on-the-road work is the Luglife Puddle Jumper backpack. “I can jam all of my recording equipment into the bag along with my computer and have space on the outside in all the cool pockets.  There are so many, I have a place for my cell phone and my lipstick!”  LugLife transformed their best seller, the Puddle Jumper into a backpack. Who can ask for anything more!

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LiteGear Bags – Rolling Backpack




LiteGear has the right idea for the traveler who loves to go, well… light or should we say “Lite”.  A backpack with wheels and a front pouch which detaches to become a day-pack.  Perfect for anyone who wants a bag that can do double-duty.  It’s a new Annita favorite.  “I love that I can put everything in one bag, roll it through the airport and separate the smaller front bag for all of my daytime running around!”

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Swiss Ruigor –  Icon 82 Backpack


This Swiss-inspired bag is designed for durability and comfort so you can also put it to good use hauling all your gear around.  And, it’s packable for a weekend getaway.  The front zipper makes it easy to access anything you need right away. Our laptops are with us most of the time and this bag lets you take it along in a padded compartment for any laptop up to 15.6-inches.

Swiss Ruigor



Swiss Ruigor – Active Backpack



Calling all the folks with active lifestyles.  Here’s your bag that is light enough to keep you on the run, comfortable when wearing it day-in and day-out, and you can fill it with everything you need for a trip or musing around during the day.  It holds a computer up to 15.6 inches.



Olympia USA Backpack With Wheels


Relieve your back and roll your bag.  It’s that easy with this backpack with wheels.  Breeze through the airport, train station or any place where you are ready for a  back-break.  Fill it with your computer and all the things you need for a weekend getaway.  The big roomy outside pocket is the perfect for quick access to all the things you need quickly.



PacSafe – VIBE 325 Anti-Theft Sling Pack


Here is the perfect size bag for day trips and tours where you need to take along a couple of things.  Keep your cell phone, tablet and personal items secure with anti-theft locks.  And, don’t let the size deceive you, it can hold a lot. Wear it on your back, across your shoulder or across the front – either way, it’s easy access to the things you need quickly. A favorite of Annita’s “I carried this cool sling pack  around the Czech Republic. Not only was it a great way to haul my things, but I got so many compliments on the style and coolness of the anti-theft features of  this mini backpack!”

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Travel Accessories & Amenities

Travelon Packing Cubes


Packing cubes are the best way to organize your bag or how about planning a cube for each member of the family.  And, they easily transfer from suitcase to unpacking when you arrive at your destination.  Go for an array of sizes and colors to serve various needs.




Miamica Trendy Travel Accessories – Packing Cubes


Who doesn’t feel happier with a little splash of color in your suitcase and it helps you organize too!  These packing cases can take your travel vibe to a whole new level.  Annita loves them for creating a happy travel experience.  “I love colors and these packing cubes are perfect for so many things.  I use them to organize all my chargers and cords.  And, the largest one holds all my hair products.  Ladies will know what I mean.”  You too can add a pop of color to your travel with this 3 piece set of purple, pink and mint green happiness.

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Miamica Trendy Travel Accessories – TSA Toiletry Bag

m31375_2_websiteHere it is …..TSA size containers that will standout during your trip through the security line.  With this colorful toiletry bag filled with several containers and colorful bags, you’ll definitely say “Take Me Away!” and you may just get a smile from the TSA agent.  They are too cute to not recognize!




Miamica Trendy Travel Accessories – Toiletry Bag


Take off with this 7 piece gold-trim tube bottle kit with 4 TSA-approved silicone tubes. Fill them with your favorite toiletries to make sure your vacation is filled with all the things you use at home.  You’re clear to take-off !




Dreamlight – Sleep Eye Mask


There’s something special about this eye mask.  It is the infrared heating sleep face mask creating a comfortable, soothing and relaxing way to sleep.  Perfect for the traveler who has a tough time falling asleep away from home. The mask is washable, wireless, comfortable and the heating is safe. You can thank us later.

For more information visit the website –


Eazy Cushion – Travel Pillow/Cushion


Traveling in the newly resized airplane seats means getting up-close and uncomfortable with your seat mates. It can be frustrating to push back and forth for the armrest.  The Eazy Pillow gives you a comfortable spot to place your arm/elbow and a little extra cushion too.  The pillow can also be used as a footrest, neck/head or back support, computer rest, seat/lumbar support but Annita loves it for the seat divider.  Take it along on your trips for it’s versatility and to raise your comfort to new levels.

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Eazy Cushion




Plane It Safe – Travel Safety Kit


Have you ever arrived at your destination or home after a flight feeling sick? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone.  There are so many germs on the hard surfaces we touch when out and about traveling.  Plane It Safe has a Travel Safety Kit filled with items to keep the germs away and the illness too.  Filled with a face mask, hand wipes and sanitizers so you can relax and take the worry out of protecting you and your family from all the germs and bacteria trying to spoil your getaway.

Plane It Safe


Bagsmart Cable Organizer

We’ve all been there; a pile of cables and cords tangled together and time wasted separating them. Put a stop to all of that, right now, with a cable organizer large enough to hold everything and small enough to fit in your carry-on, briefcase or backpack.  And, no worries about forgetting anything.  It’s all together.




Talus Smooth Trip Accessories – SafeGuard Medication Organizer


Vacations are meant for fun and relaxation, yet if you need to keep up with medications you don’t want to get off-track or leave something at home. The SafeGuard Medication Organizer is the all-in-one case to put everything you need in one place.  The case is large enough to hold medications, aspirins, ointments, vitamins, any and everything you need can be place inside.  It’s an Annita favorite.  “I love the SafeGuard Medication Organizer to create a travel pharmacy filled with everything I might need for an upset stomach, cuts, headaches. muscle aches…. all of those things you hope won’t happen, but you want to be prepared if they do. And, having my own mini-travel pharmacy I can go right to the case in the middle of the night to get what I need.  Two thumbs up for this one!”

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Travelon Bags – Bungee Strap

Take all the little extras along without them falling and sliding around. It packs easily in your carry-on and ready for action in a few simple steps. The extra bag, a coat, shopping purchases; strap them to your rolling bag and travel with more goodies and less stress.




Sockwell Therapeutic Socks


Therapeutic socks? Yes, that’s what they are. Sockwell has reinvented therapeutic socks with great style, vibrant colors and comfortable fit all with innovative technology for compression when traveling or an everyday essential at your destination.
The perfect gift for the traveler who is always on and off flights. You’ll be on-the-go in Sockwell’s oh-so-cool, compression socks!


Travelon Bags – Anti-Theft Purse


How’s this for cool!  A purse which is also a backpack and it’s filled with anti-theft compartments to keep everything secure.  There’s an RFID compartment for your passport and credit cards, a slash-resistant strap and you can fit your tablet or iPad inside too.  Pretty cool.. right!




PacSafe – Daysafe Anti-Theft Tech Crossbody Bag


How do you ease through TSA and continue to move through the crowds secure and stress free?  With the PacSafe crossbody filled with anti-theft features you don’t need to have your mind on your money, but on having fun and enjoying your vacation.  And, tuck your cell phone and key inside too.  It’s ready for you to pack everything inside




Miamica Trendy Travel Accessories – Clear Cross-body Purse



Planning to attend sporting events, concerts or festivals on your vacation?  You’ll be asked “May I check your bag?” before entering the stadium or you may be required to bring a clear bag for security to easily see what’s inside.  This gold trim stadium pack will get you inside without any hassel.




Kaleido Bags – Foldable-Packable Bags


Head out for a bit of vacation shopping with this colorful and artful bag.  It is packable and folds into a small size and easily fits in your suitcase for travel.  Take it along for souvenir shopping, beach time, grocery shopping at home or on the road!  It’s versatile and the perfect road buddy.



YaY Novelty – YaYbags – Packable Totes


Making a smaller footprint when traveling includes taking extra steps in various ways. One way to help is limiting our paper and plastic use. These colorful and fun bags from YaYbags fold down to inches and can fit in your purse or pocket. Open it and use it for shopping or an extra bag for hauling things around.  It’s an Annita favorite. “I carry one of my YaYbags with me all the time. It’s there when I need it for packing shoes, wet things, shopping and gathering extra papers, and brochures. It’s so easy to travel with and takes absolutely no room in your purse or bag.”

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Flight 001 International Adapter




Ready, set, go!  International travel has never been easier or more colorful than with the 4-In-1 Adapter.  One hundred and fifty countries are covered in the color-coded adapter with four plugs in one adapter.  Just match the color to the country you are visiting and plug away.  An Annita favorite. ” I love the colorful adapter and it’s simple and easy to use.  I don’t travel internationally without it!”

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Flight 001



Travelon Bags – Three Speed Personal Folding Fan



Beat the heat with your own personal fan.  It’s compact, portable and perfect for sporting events, outdoor or indoor use and a must for travel.  Plug in 4 AA batteries and this whisper quiet fan will have you super cool! A favorite of Annita’s  “It’s portable and perfect to have my personal fan… for my personal summers!”

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Travelon Seat and Walking Cane in One

Take along a little extra support.  Travelon’s lightweight aluminum walking cane and seat provides a bit of rest when you need it.  The three legs provide stability and a little extra feeling of security when maneuvering hills, uneven surfaces, cobblestone streets and extra long tours.  It supports up to 250 pounds and the seat folds flat for use as a walking cane.




Travelon Jewelry Case


No more tangles and snarls with your necklace or missing earrings.  And, guys this one is good for you too.  It comes in various colors to match your style.





Travelon Inflatable Bottle Pouch


Plan to take along several of Travelon’s inflatable bottle carriers when you go wine tasting because there will be bottles to bring home.



Mix-o-logie Custom Fragrances

Avoid the concerns about your perfume bottle size with the pocket-size container of your favorite fragrance. Mix-o-logie allows you to customize your selection and be on your way with the fresh scents you like most.




Potty Packs – Travel Comfort Packs


Put a little comfort and less worry in your travel with these packable comfort packs.  There are several packs to choose from – Park Pack, First Aid Kit, Tick Kit, Winter Pack and more.  Be ready for what comes up!

Potty Pack
Prices vary for pack options

Sphynx – All-In-One Portable Razor





Lighten your load and combine everything you need for a shave.  The Sphynx all-in-one razor kit has all the items in one small packet which is easy to pack and easy to use. Soap, spray bottle for water and razor all in one container.  Spin the outside dial for each step.




Travelon Travel Size Soaps and Shampoo


Be the one who has just what you need when you need it.  Travelon’s soap sheets are easy for travel day when you’re running from one place to another and it’s also great for camping too.  Pop them in your bag and you’re covered.





Travelon Three-In-One Travel Pack


Who knew travel could be made easy with a pack which doubles as a packing cube for things like jewelry or scarves and then doubles as a waist pack for your all-day touring. This versatile bag can also be used as a crossbody.  Adjust the strap and you’re ready to go …. and do it all in your style.





Floafers – Waterproof Shoes


Here’s your summer vacation shoe which can go from walks along the boardwalk and straight to the seashore.  Floafers has designed a classic loafer with a specialize foam material to create a shoe with a twist of class and utility.  And, they dry quickly to go from one activity to the next.





Travelon – Hanging Toiletry Bag



What to do with my toiletry bag? Have you asked that question? Crowded counter tops, impossible small spaces when traveling,  each situation can be an issue when traveling.  This bag has been an Annita favorite for two years and she still loves it.  “OMG, this is my bag. I absolutely love this toiletry bag. I can fit tons of things in it and it still zips and the hook, which hides away when zipped, is perfect for hanging it away from the counter! Love it!”

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Solgaard – Men’s and Women’s Hex Watch


Here’s the perfect watch to keep you ahead of the times. Style and precise timing is what you need on the road and here it is in various colors and strap material.




Blisslets – Motion Sickness Bracelets




Stop the nausea and enjoy your vacation. Road trips, flights, cruises, train and bus rides can cause motion sickness and Blisslets wrist bands can put a stop to it and you can enjoy your getaway.  They are beautiful and look more like jewelry instead of motion-sickness bands.  Added bonus, they help with pregnancy morning sickness too!  How cool is that.




Travelon Luggage Tags



Luggage tags as cute as these will definitely make our list of great travel gear.  Travelon has many options to choose from and you’ll customize your luggage to be exactly your own.

Prices vary based on styles


Foot Fidget



Travel can make all of us feel restless and anxious and the Foot Fidget gives you the solution to restless energy and also helps when traveling to keep your legs active.  It’s packable in a separate bag and easy to place in your carry-on, and very easy to assemble too.

Foot Fidget
For more information visit the website –



Olympia USA – Two Piece Shopping Tote and Cooler


Nothing spells summer like a print with all the cool summer icons.  Olympia has one bag for shopping and another for keeping things cool.  Perfect for summer picnics, camping and concerts in the park.  These bags will have you saying “I’m packed and ready to go!”

Olympia USA



Island Slippers – Men & Women’s casual slippers


Island style shoes!  Just what you need to stroll the beach boardwalks and upgrade your island casual style.  Island Slippers are an iconic brand in Hawaii, but they can go from island to island around the world with no problem.

Island Slippers
Price varies depending on style


Travelon – Wrap and Rest Travel Pillow


Who says you can’t get good sleep while traveling?  Here’s a pillow which cradles your head and neck with full support while in a  sitting position.  Arrive well-rested and ready to go!




Scrubba – Portable Washing Bag


Keep clothes clean on your upcoming trips with the Scrubba.  Add clothes, soap, water, close and shake; after a little washing, your clothes are ready to hang and dry.  Easy!  Perfect for camping.




Travelon Clothes Drying Rope



Need a place to dry your things while traveling?  Connect the Travelon Travel Clothes Line in the bathroom, hang your items and come back to dry clothes ready to wear.




Travelon Waterproof Phone Case



Pool side, beach side or boat time this phone case will give you a chance to enjoy the water and not worry about your phone.




Hydaway Water Bottles


webbed_HDW-Case-Vertical-Spout-Sunset-6275- HDW-Expanded-Cap-Lid-Bluebird-6174-


A portable, collapsible water bottle you can take anywhere.  We are all raising our hand for this one.  It’s the perfect gift for the college student, the avid hiker, world traveler or day-to-day life at home.  It’s your bottle and there’s no need to contribute to the large amount of plastic single use water bottles. Be green with your Hydaway bottle.  Various colors and sizes allow you to choose your favorite.




The Restroom Kit – Toilet Comfort Kit



Take the fright out of toilet visits with The Restroom Kit.  Everyone has a story of a toilet which left them in shock!  Here’s your way to take control and have a cleaner experience.  The three part kit takes care of each step of a bathroom visit.  Put a couple of in your purse and carry-on bag and you’re ready for a day of travel, touring, picnic at the park, camping or concerts.  You’ll jump for joy on this one. It’s an Annita favorite “I can’t say how many times I’ve wished for something like this when traveling to destinations where toilet facilities need this very useful product.”

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The Restroom Kit

30 packs $59.99

Tooletries – The Harvey – Razor and Toothbrush Holder

The_Harvey_Charcoal_5_LGT_CROP-2_2048x2048 The_Harvey_Charcoal_4_LGT_CROP_2048x2048

Organize your bathroom wherever you are, on the road, in the dorm, at your vacation rental or at home.  So often when we travel there is very little counter space.  Here’s the answer to that challenge.  The Harvey Razor and Toothbrush holder attaches to the bathroom mirror turning it into an organized storage spot. It’s made of antibacterial material so it will never grow mold or need cleaning. You can also attach it in the shower wall! It’s easy to pack in your suitcase so take it along on all your trips. You never know how much counter space you’ll have… be ready to get organized.




Tooletries – The Koby Bag – Dopp kit

Tooletries-16.2.1614928_789198d9-4a87-4383-a166-444794e7645e-OPTIMISED_2048x2048 koby2_2048x2048

Looking for a bag that will have you saying over and over again – “How cool is that!”  This toiletry bag is made of waterproof silicone to safely store your items and keep them clean when traveling, in the dorm, at a vacation rental or at home.  You won’t be able to take your hands off this bag; the unique feel and texture of the bag says wow! The top zipper and hanging chain gives you great access in the shower.


Keep Yourself and Your Things Secure

Pocketsocks – Zipper pocket socks

womens_peace_main_image__89545.1554432800How about socks with a little love, peace and  comfort designed to keep your valuables safely tucked away. Pocket Socks are made in America and each pair has one sock with a zipper pocket large enough to hold keys, money and a credit card. No-one but you has to know you’re carrying your valuables 

Socks are available in various colors, patterns and sizes.  




Travelon – Personal Panic Alarm

Travel solo like a boss with the Personal Panic Alarm. Feel secure and free to roam. The Alarm will call attention to you and let others know you need help. Keep it close by when out touring the town by clipping it to your keys or clothes.  Push the button and sound the alarm.




Benjilock – Fingerprint Padlock

Unknown-4Forget the numbers and combinations.  Throw away the key and use just your fingerprint for this lock. Great for luggage, backpacks and lockers.  

It’s rechargeable and TSA can open it with their key. The double stainless-steel  ball locking mechanism keeps prying hands away from your things. It’s an Annita favorite!  “How cool is that… just use your pre-entered fingerprint and it’s open!  I’m always wasting time trying to find the key to a padlock or remembering the combination  – well, let’s just say there are too many numbers to remember these days.  Benjilock takes all the the stress away and simply opens your lock.  After all that’s what you want!”

Travel Gear

Annita with Robbie Cabral the founder of Benjilock at the Travel Goods Show.

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For more information –




 Travelon Anti-Theft Lock-Down Bag


Here’s a travel bag with a great name and super function, The Lock Down Bag.  Pile all of your valuables you’re taking to the beach in the bag and bring along its heavy-duty padlock; attach it to a solid-secure pole or chair and you can enjoy your time outdoors without worry about your valuables.  The Lock Down Bag is made with a SafeTex slash-resistant strap and body material, and it comes with a sold brass lock.  Also perfect for car, plane, train, bike or boat travel and when attending sporting events, in your dorm or hospital rooms, concerts and outdoor festivals.

Starting at $36



Travelon – Undergarment Waist and Neck Pouches 


12998_510_5Send the collage bound student off on the trip of their life with this RFID blocking neck or waist pouch.  Place credit cards, passport, currency and other items which need protection inside and off you go.  No one has to know it’s under your garment.

$11.50 – Waist undergarment pouch
$15.00 Neck undergarment passport pouch – 


Travelon – Outer Garment Passport Pouch


No more worries about keeping your travel documents and especially your passport safe and secure from roaming hands. Travelon’s Passport Pouch also helps you keep all your travel material organized, but you can’t skip the security aspect of this great travel gear.  Wear it around your neck or crossbody and keep your hands free during check-in to handle your luggage.  It includes a rear zippered pocket, a pen holder and a place to put your ID.



The Glammer – Emergency Escape Hammer For the Car


It’s what we don’t want to think about – being trapped in our car.  It is a scary thought, but we can be prepared.  The Glammer puts your escape in your hands with a knife which can cut your seatbelt and a hammer to break your window. Feel more secure and in control in your car. And, guys, don’t think the name means this is just for ladies.  This tool is the perfect idea for anyone driving or riding in a car.  Be prepared!




That’s it for our travel gear round-up.  What’s your favorite travel gear?  Share, we would love to hear about it.


Links to purchase are affiliate links for Travel Bags with Annita




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