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Beaumont Texas – Boom Town

Beaumont Overview – 0:00 – 10:00
Jake Tortorice and Frank Zummo – 10:00 – 20:02
Maraja Jones – 20:02 – 30:04
Ines Alvidres – 30:04 – 40:55

Beaumont Texas

The Oil Boom Town
with so much more

Beaumont Texas – Boom Town USA.  Are you ready to get back out on the road? I know you are and I have the place to go.  My friends over in Beaumont, Texas are ready for you to come for a visit.I have always wanted to visit the city known for starting the oil boom in Texas.

I had a chance to visit recently and really enjoyed my time there. On this show of Interesting People in Fascinating Destinations, I met several great local, hometown folks, with families ties through several generations.  Exactly what we like on Interesting People in Fascinating Destinations.  I would like to share our lively conversations with you.

I had a chat with:
A bakery owner who has deep family ties to the area. Jake Tortorice at Rao’s Bakery where delicious baked goods and his personality bring folks to his business all the time.






While talking with Jake, his friend and local businessman Frank Zummo – Zummo Meat Co. stopped by and I talked with him about Boudin and Party Sausages.  Yum, right!


And, Cajun Soul Food can not be left out of this conversation.  I talk with Maraja Jones – Sha BeBe Cajun Cafe  about her restaurant that she started during a pandemic and it’s going GREAT!





I love art and street art gets my attention right away.  When street art and food combines, I definitely want to talk.  Local artist Ines Alvidres shares her love of art and how she got started.  We also talk about one of my favorite murals, the Crawfish and Accordion located at the Crazy Cajun.

I also share historic information during the show.



The Texas oil boom, sometimes called the gusher age, was a period during the early 20th century which brought change and economic growth inTexas.And it all began with the discovery of a large petroleum reserve near Beaumont, Texas. One of my first stops was to visit the 15 buildings recreated to let us experience an Old West city and the Spindletop gusher. A visit to the Spindletop living historical museum takes you back to what life was like in 1901.  Of course I share those details too.


Wildlife is all around, but a visit to Cattail Marsh and Gator Country are a definite must.  Hear all about it.






You can’t leave out history when you’re talking about Beaumont.  A tour of the McFaddin-Ward House takes you back in time and let’s you see how life was for the wealthy in the early 1900’s





Websites to start planning your Beaumont trip.

For more information on tickets and planning a visit to Spindletop  – www.lamar.eduand search for Spindletop for more information about the museum.

Plan a visit to Cattail Marsh  –

You too can feed a gator.  Visit Gator Country –

Go back in time with a visit to the McFaddin-Ward House –

If  Jake has you ready for a King Cake  visit his website –

Let’s place an order from some delicious boudin and party sausage.–

Check out Ines website –amarteartsstudio.comI’m sure you’ll find a beautiful piece that speaks to you….with heart.

For more information on planning a visit to Beaumont – visit the website –   for more information, suggestions and details.

A great comfortable place to stay – the Hilton Garden Inn is perfect.Hilton Garden Inn 

More photos from Beaumont with Annita & Friends

Beaumont Texas Boom Town
Raos bakery. He even makes Crawfish shaped cookies.


Beaumont Texas Boom Town
Crawfish Season at the Crazy Cajun


Beaumont Texas Boom Town
This is what three pounds of crawfish looks like. Delicious! The Crazy Cajun

Maraja Jones can cook – check out three of her dishes below

Beaumont Texas Boom Town
Oak Tails


Catfish and fries
Beaumont Texas Boom Town
The historic Jefferson Theatre


Beaumont Texas Boom Town
The largest, working fire hydrant in the U.S.


Beaumont Texas Boom Town
A visit to the McFaddin-Ward House and you’re met by a sweet kitty. Rain or shine you’ll get a hello.


Beaumont Texas Boom Town
Take a little time at the McFaddin-Ward House to enjoy the rose garden.


Beaumont texas Boom Town
The McFaddin-Ward House tour lets you enjoy the rose garden.


Beaumont Texas Boom Town
There’s wildlife to engage. A tortoise at Gator Country enjoys lettuce from the visitors.


Beaumont Texas Boom Town
Gators love hotdogs and you can feed them with yummy bites at Gator Country. They are rescues who have found a loving, caring home.


Beaumont Texas Boom Town
Yes, it’s live


Beaumont Texas Boom Town
Spindletop Hill


Beaumont Texas Boom Town
Spindletop – Living history museum

Murals and Street Art

Beaumont Texas Boom Town
Downtown tour
Beaumont Texas Boom Town
Cattail Marsh – Art by Ines Alvidres
Beaumont Texas Boom Town
Crazy Cajun-  Ines Alvidres
Beaumont Texas Boom Town
Downtown Tour
Beaumont Texas Boom Town
Downtown Tour


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