Amazing Cuba!

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Amazing Cuba!! We just got back from Cuba and it was amazing.  From the Afro-Cuban music to the art reflecting the political times, there was culture all around.  The national pride of the people was everywhere!  They are a very proud people – of their history, culture, food and of course rum.  But, Cuba is not just Mojitos it is a country with deep ties to Spain, the sugar trade, and U.S. connections.  There is so much to learn and see when visiting.

From Havana to Varadero we saw the sites and experienced the vibrant culture.  We are sharing it via photos – after all, a photo is worth a thousand words.

You can listen to the show which aired on June 4, 2016. Click here:  Amazing Cuba


  1. carol

    We are wondering if US citizens can just go to Cuba now, or is special clearance necessary?

    • Annita

      Yes, you can go to Cuba on your own now, but you are still required to go under one of the 12 designations. And, People-to-People is the one most people go under to tour and meet the local residents and learn about the country & culture. You will need to prepare an itinerary which includes People-to-People activities, like visiting schools, museums, artists galleries, etc.


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