Beach Vacation Rental Packing List

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Beach Vacation Rental Packing List

Here’s your beach vacation rental packing list. You’ve been dreaming about the beach….. the date is here. It’s time to start packing and the question is always “what do I need to pack for the beach?” Forgotten items mean rushing around to find them at the local stores, when you could be sunning on the beach. Use this info to make your list for planning, shopping and packing for your short term rental. And, check in with your host to see what they provide.

The ultimate beach packing list –

____Beach Chairs

____Umbrella/Canopy Wagon

____Beach Blanket Beach Towels

____Sand Toys

____Water Toys

____Beach Games

____Balls, Kites, Frisbees





____Paper Plates/Bowls

____Plastic Utensils

____Paper Towels

____Toilet Paper

____Dish Soap & Sponge

____Laundry Soap

____Dryer Sheets

____Salt, Pepper, Spices

____Coffee – ask host type of coffee maker

____Butter/Cooking Spray Snacks




____Swimsuit Cover Up

____Wet Bag

____Rash Guard

____Sun Dresses

____Tank Tops T-Shirts





____Tank Tops

____Dress Shirts



____Workout clothes


____Flip Flops



____Heels for evening event

____Hat – sun or baseball


____Dirty Laundry Bag


____Shampoo & Conditioner

____Hair dryer

____Curling or Flat Iron

____Styling Products

____Toothbrush Toothpaste


____Glasses – reading and perscription




____Towels & Washcloths

____Makeup remover



____Pain Reliever

____Hand Sanitizer

____Wet wipes

____Lip Balm

____Sunscreen & Aloe




____First Aid Kit – bandaids

____Electronic chargers


____Neck Pillow

____Inflight Entertainment

____GoPro – Underwater camera



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