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Destination: Barbados for Art – Sept. 30, 2017

Barbados and Art

We’re back in Barbados for more art and conversations with artists.  And, you’ll find their stories fascinating and inspiring.  Artists are helping us understand the world around us through their art.  And, in the case of Kraig Yearwood and Cherise Harris, they are also making very substantial social statements too.  We can listen and learn…… see and be inspired to become more socially conscious.

Work by artist Cherise Harris



Concrete work by artist Kraig Yearwood







      1. 9-30-17-1-Barbados

Fresh Milk and the Barbados Art Scene

      2. 9-30-17-2-Barbados

Kraig Yearwood

      3. Cherise-Part-1-

Cherise Harris part one

      4. Seg.-3.-Cherise-part-2-

Cherise Harris part two

      5. 9-30-17-4-Barbados-Quarter-Miles

Quarter Miles – Idaho







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