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Destination – 4th of July – Celebrate Amazing Americans

4th of July Celebrate Amazing Americans


4th of July celebrate amazing Americans

This 4th of July celebrate amazing Americans who make America a great country we can be proud of. The people who call this country home and have awe-inspiring stories to make us proud. Through their bravery, selflessness, compassion to see beauty in the world and their ability to seek redemption,  we are inspired. And, on this show we celebrate their lives of courage, bravery, wonder and redemption. 

I share the stories of four Americans –

Richard Etheridge – the first black man to become keeper of a Life-Saving Station at Pea Island on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.



Peggy Wallace Kennedy – the daughter of Alabama Governor George Wallace. Her story is one of reconciliation, redemption, exchange and connection.  A revelation much needed in our country today. 




Jessica Nabongo- a young woman who has travel the globe to visit 195 countries. Her voyage around the world teaches us when we trust the good in ourselves, we can find that in others too.    






And, I’ll start the show with the story of Wilma Mankiller – The first female Deputy Chief of the Cherokee Nation, first female Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation and the first woman elected as chief of a major Native tribe.  Her story is one of accomplishment, reaching high esteem in her lifetime and helping her tribe as an activist.  






Here are four additional stories of amazing Americans who show us what it means to be an example of what our country can be.

Maya Angelou 

Helen Keller

Wright Brothers

Tuskegee Airmen

Click the audio link and become inspired.  Thanks for listening

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