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Destination: Georgia Photography Fanatic Through Their Lens

The Georgia Photography Fanatic
Through the Lens of A Photographer
with Jay and Erin Blanton

Georgia Photography Fanatic

Georgia Photography Fanatic come on the show to help me answer a few questions I have been thinking about.  Have you ever wondered how photographers know “this is a good shot!”  Have you thought photographers must see the world a little differently than us regular folks.

While, I have thought this and wondered what they see and how they know perfect lighting, on this show I talked with Jay Blanton who is the photographer of The Georgia Photography Fanatic along with his wife Erin, who manages the company, to get the answers I’ve been looking for.  They are making great “moves” in the photography field and capturing the attention of many with their spectacular photos of not only Georgia, but other places around the U.S.

Georgia Photography Fanatic
Chattahoochee Bend State Park from their latest trip around Georgia during summer 2021.

Here’s how you can get in touch with this dynamic couple.

Instagram: @thegeorgiaphotographyfanatic
TikTok:  @georgiaphotofanatic
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Photographs Jay and Erin talked about during our chat.
These photographers are also available for purchase.  For inquiries to purchase photos email –
Astrophotography in the Okefenokee


Sunrise photo of Erin


2021 Guide of Georgia State Parks


Photo of Mary Turner lynching location (Not available for sale)

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