Destination: Great Road Trips – Memphis, Beech Mountain and Brunswick Islands

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Destination: Great Road Trips
Memphis, Beech Mountain and Brunswick Islands, North Carolina


Great road trips for year ’round fun. I’m out traveling again and I’m ready to get you out on the road too.  There are many great destinations close by that are perfect for weekend getaways, family trips, girlfriends or guy trips, or solo.  By the way, solo travel is becoming more and more the norm for many people. And, a close by destination is a great way to try your first solo trip.

I have three great road trips not too far away and they’re filled with fun things to see and do, and yummy things to eat. You know I can’t leave that one out. 

First let’s head over to Memphis where you’ll find great cuisine for sure. Memphis is filled with history and you’ll find more information about events during the Civil Rights Movement and also music history. After Memphis, we go to Beech Mountain, North Carolina where art is the theme and Appalachian culture, and traditions are seen on the Avery Country Quilt Trail. From start to finish you’ll find the patterns fascinating, colorful and amazing.  I wrap up the show staying in North Carolina with a trip over to the Brunswick islands, NC. Here’s a destination that hold a special place in my heart. I had a chance to visit and meet several of the residents who have made the destination a very warm and inviting place to “stay for awhile.”  From the Old Bridge museum to the Kindred Mailbox, it’s a destination sure to touch your heart too.  You’ll agree these are great road trips and you’ll want to check out each one.

Visit Memphis –

Visit Beech Mountain –

Visit Brunswick Islands –

And, to hear one of my favorite shows all about Sunset Beach on one of the Brunswick Islands, click here – The Kindred Mailbox

Photos from Memphis

Great road trips


Great road trips

Great road trips

Great road trips

Great road trips

Great road trips

Dr. King’s room at the Lorraine Hotel

Great road trips

Great road trips

Beech Mountain – Avery County Barn Quilts

Brunswick Islands – Sunset Beach Kindred Mailbox


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