Destination – Old School – New School – July 29, 2017

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Olivia and Annita – an Ol’ School – New School travel duo. They make it work, so can you.

Ol’ School – New School is there a difference when it comes to travel?  Do younger travelers want to do different activities than their older travel buddies?  We share our thoughts on this lively show with a Baby Boomer vs. Millenial debate.  You can jump in too – share your thoughts.


      1. TB-26-Segment-1-072917

Tru by Hilton – Alexandra Jaritz

      2. TB-26-Segment-2-072917

O’l School – New School Travel    How to find something for everyone

      3. TB-26-Segment-3-072917

Travel for the great sports packages

      4. TB-26-Segment-4-072917

Quarter Miles – California




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