Destination: Juneteenth Travel Ideas

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Juneteenth Travel Ideas
Franklin, TN and Selma, AL

Juneteenth travel ideas


Juneteenth is the perfect inspiration for planning summer vacations to historic African American sites. After two years of limited travel, we’re all ready to find ways to have meaningful experiences when we travel. If the pandemic taught us anything, we learned the value of connecting. From family and friends, to cultures and traditions to cuisines and all the things that make us who we are, having a meaning experience when we travel is important.

I recently had a chance to visit the unveiling of the USCT (United States Color Troops) statue in Franklin, TN.  A tribute and honor to the African men, many formerly enslaved, who fought for their freedom and for our country.

While traveling along the Civil Rights Trail in Alabama, I met Joanne Bland an activist and one of the marchers who walked from the Edmund Pettus Bridge to Montgomery for voter rights.

I believe you will be inspired by my two guests today.  These stories are

Thanks for listening to me today. 


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