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Destination: Luxury Travel With Art In Voyage Aug. 13, 2022

Destination:  Luxury Travel With Art In Voyage


Luxury Travel with Art in Voyage is  your ticket to exclusive vacation dreams come true. Who remembers the TV show – Lifestyles of the rich and famous? Did you watch and wonder, how can I do that? Did you have champagne dreams and caviar wishes? That was the theme you know.

I watched and want to travel and stay in luxurious accommodations and have an exclusive, unique experience in amazing destinations. That show  was definitely an inspiration for me to travel to places off the beaten path and have unique experiences.

When you hear luxury travel, what comes to mind? I thought about this and wanted to sort out a definition that really fits what we would all like to do:

Have an experience that is like none other.
An experience defined by:
UnParallel  Attention to detail
Meticulous workmanship and craftsmanship
An exclusive, private atmosphere
Artist presentation and focus on unique & creative wether it is food, amenities or experiences.
Something customized.  Who doesn’t want to be pampered. Wether you’re looking to relax, be active or a little bit of both.

I recently had a chance to sit down and talk with Mikael Audebert, owner of Art in Voyage, a boutique travel company that curates and creates luxury dream travel. One of their value propositions is their journeys are “un-googleble,” meaning you cannot find the combination of destinations, sites and activities with a simple search on social media. It’s planned and prepared with the guests experience in mind.

This show is all about what luxury travel can be for you. Put away the Champagne dreams and caviar wishes and jump onboard Travel With Annita and Makael and I tell you how you can takeoff for a one-of-a-kind journey.

Learn more about the Magellan Odyssey leaving in 2023.

Take a look – here’s are photos to get you inspired:

Photos – Courtesy of Gillies and Zaiser & Art In Voyage

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