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Travel 2022 A Year In Review

Travel 2022 – A year in review. It’s been a wonderful year of travel to amazing places, meeting phenomenal people, experiencing various cultures and enjoying delicious cuisine.

After years of travel ceasing and slowing down, it was like a breath of fresh air to be back out and about traveling the world.  As I look back over the year, I had a chance to check off new countries bringing my total of countries and territories to 118.  Not that I’m chasing countries, but checking another country off our list does feel accomplished. More than the “check” on a list, the growth brought to my life through travel is what it is all about.

It wasn’t easy to choose a couple of shows to share on my last show of the year. Each trip was extra special and significant for me. In choosing four to share today, I thought about those trips that created the most conversation and questions when I returned. I am hopeful they were also inspirational to encourage travel.

Here they are. 

The Rocky mountaineer – travel along the Canadian Rockies

Doc Bill’s Food Maps

Jessica B. Harris, author of the book High On The Hog

Image by Rog Walker

 St. Augustine One of my favorite cities in the U.S. 

To hear the full shows click here:

Rocky Mountaineer
Food Maps With Doc Bill part 1

Food Maps With Doc Bill part 2
Jessica B. Harris – Author High On The Hog
St. Augustine – One of America’s Favorite City



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