Destination: Travel – Oh the people you’ll meet – July 15

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One of the most amazing and fascinating benefits of travel is all of the people you meet. All of the various cultures, people, places and things you can experience when traveling.

Travel is truly a way to open your heart and expand your mind.
Meeting people and getting to know them is great fun. Their stories show how we experience the same dreams and wishes for our lives and the lives of our family in similar ways around the world.

There are three people Annita recently met and would like to share their stories.

PhillipAndrew2Phillip Andrew – is a Los Angeles-based Television Producer + Digital Media content creator and coach. Some of the shows Phillip has worked on include YouTubeRed’s Mind Field, Fuse’s Fluffy Food Adventures w/ comedian Gabriel Iglesias, CBS’s Undercover Boss, CMT’s Broken Skull Ranch, Spike TV’s Tattoo Rescue, E!’s Total Divas, AMC’s The Pitch, CNBC’s Car Chasers, and The Billboard Music Awards.

The Metro-Detroit native & Michigan State University graduate has also been a DJ + MC since 2003. After the common “7-year-itch” had stricken Phillip, he felt the desire to take a month long trip away from America to satisfy his dream of DJing in Europe. Phillip ventured to England, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Spain. Aside from DJing, a large inspiration for the trip was to visit his family roots in Warsaw, Poland as well as visiting the birthplace of his great grandparents in Transylvania, Romania.

Paul Carberry

Paul CarberryPaul CarberryPaul had the excitement of growing up imagining travel to distant lands and, after completing a degree in geology and working in the family travel business for a couple of years, he left the UK and spent several months exploring New Zealand returning to set up his own New Zealand travel company in 2003.


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Paul Carberry

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Philip Andrew

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Dancing Bear Lodge

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Sports Travel


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