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Destination: Walk Down Memory Lane With The Pan Am Museum Foundation

Pan Am Museum Foundation Takes Us On A Walk Down Memory Lane

Pan Am Museum Foundation

The Pan Am Museum Foundation invites you to come along on a journey where history is filled with grand stories of bravery, creativity and adventure.  The story of Pan American World Airways starts with a place in aviation history by transporting mail to Cuba in 1927 and continued to 1991; and the legacy continues today.

On our show we told the tales of years gone by, but never forgotten.  With the 45th anniversary of the Last Flight Out of Saigon we also share the story of Al Topping, Pan Am station manager in Saigon and his courage, and determination to bring his staff out of Saigon before it was too late.

The Pan Am Museum Foundation holds many historic documents and artifacts of the grand airline. They are the best source of the stories which tell the events that made the airline great.

Pan Am Museum Foundation

Linda Freire co-founder of the museum and board member, joins Annita to share stories of Pan Am.  She worked with Pan Am in several areas and was part of the transfer to Delta Airlines.

Annita and Linda worked with Pan Am during the same time.  That means great stories were  shared together.




Pan Am Museum FoundationDeborah Gaudioso is a self proclaimed Pan Am Brat. This endearing name is given to those with a parent or parents who worked for Pan Am.  As a board member of the museum, she is also the social media manager. Her Pan Am parents met while working at the Pan Am Building in NYC.


Come along for a walk down memory lane, filled with little known facts, stories and industry firsts.

Listen here to the show below-


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