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Destination: Waterford Crystal – The Story Of An Irish Tradition

Waterford Crystal
The story of a beautiful brand of Irish crystal

Waterford Crystal

Waterford Crystal an Irish tradition. If you have a love for beautiful glassware, you have certainly heard of Waterford Crystal.  And, you probably have a couple of elegant and beautiful pieces in your collection.  During the month of March we have explored Ireland during the month where we celebrate all things St. Patrick.
A journey through the history of Waterford Crystal brings many fascinating stories of conflict and yet a rise to success.  And, as we all love a celebration,  today we know Waterford Crystal as the beautiful ball which drops on New Years Eve in New York’s Time Square.
Today our guest Emily Brophy, Marketing Manager Vita Ireland for Waterford Crystal not only has stories to tell as a leader in the company but also a personal family story. There are family tradition throughout the history of the company and Emily’s family connection also includes her father.
Grab a chair and a beverage in your favorite Waterford glass and lean in for a great conversation.  One that will share all the details of how this successful hand-made crystal company rose to become an international house-hold name.
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Waterford Crystal
Waterford Crystal
Lismore pattern
Waterford Crystal

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  1. I have been collecting Waterford Crystal for years. I just purchased a new Gorgeous piece, and read two articles about the history of Waterford and Ireland.

    I hope to visit Ireland someday, it is a beautiful land from what articles read and the awesome beauty seen in pictures. The highlight of course for me would be visiting the Waterford factory. It’s simply not in the budget for me and my wife anytime soon

    I wish Waterford, and or Ireland would consider giving one generous trip a year. It would create more interest in their homeland and publicity for them.

    Thank you very much for focusing on this story. I have enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed the questions you asked, you researched thoroughly.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I love Waterford Crystal too. I have not been to the factory but that is definitely something I want to do. Hope you and your wife make that trip to Ireland one day soon.

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