Episode 14 – Maryland State Quarter – The Old Line State

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Maryland – The Old Line State

Maryland old line state

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Maryland – The Old Line State, just that name makes you sit up, take notice and wonder what does that mean.  Why would Maryland have that name.  Some will connect it to the Mason Dixon Line, which does have a relevance to the state, but Old Line is not referring to a line in the sand; so to speak.

Maryland’s state name is steeped in bravery and selflessness. It is about courage and a determination to make things better for our country. The name holds pride and honor.  Old Line is referring to soldiers who fought to make America independent from Britain.  The soldiers who fought on the “old line” were recognized by George Washington for their bravery and their success in actually holding the line and helping in the Battle of Brooklyn.  They were citizen soldiers.  They were your fellowman, your neighbor, they were the men who went out to fight and defend their rights and fight for independence.

In Episode 14 of Quarter Miles Travel I speak with Alex Lothstein with the Maryland Center for History and Culture in Baltimore.  He shares the stories of men who fought and details of the battle.  Alex also shares the stories of soldiers from Maryland; soldiers we may not know, but they should be recognized and given their place in the history of our country.

Alex and I also talk about another line connected to Maryland.  The Mason – Dixon Line. Why was it necessary to distinguish this line.  Why it is called Mason-Dixon?  What is the story of this line; Alex shares it all.

After you have listened to the stories, visit the website of the Maryland Center for History and Culture to plan a trip to visit their upcoming exhibit opening in mid-September. It is the perfect opportunity to learn more about Maryland, the Revolutionary War, the soldiers who fought and the history of our country.

Websites –

For more information about the U.S. Mint Quarters Programs –  USMint.Go

Maryland Center for History and Culture – www.mdhistory.org

Story of Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon BBC.com

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Maryland the old line state

 A banner with the Maryland State House, The Coat of Arms and the name – Old Line State


Maryland the old line state

Alex mentioned that many businesses started using the Maryland name “Old Line State” in their advertisements and promotions.



Maryland the old line state

To resolve a bitter controversy between two families over the boundaries of the states of Pennsylvania and Maryland, the land was surveyed and a line was drawn determining the state/land borders. This line became known as The Mason – Dixon Line, separating the free state of Pennsylvania from the slave state of Maryland. The phrase “crossing the Mason-Dixon Line” is still used today. The Mason – Dixon Line is shown here in the photo.  



Maryland Old Line State

Stones brought over from England with the Coat of Arms were placed every five miles to mark the line. These stones became known as Crownstones. Some were as tall as five feet.



Maryland Old Line State

Where the border was technically located was important for  “life or death, freedom or enslaved” to those seeking their freedom and safety.


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