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Episode 18 – Two Bits – Bicentennial Quarter – Colonial Drummer Boy

United States Mint image

Bicentennial Quarter
Colonial Drummer

Here’s two bits of trivia about the Bicentennial quarter which was first produced and released into circulation  in 1975.  This quarter was created to celebrate our 200th anniversary of the independence of the United States of America. 

 The Quarter features a Colonial drummer facing left and a victory torch encircled by thirteen stars at the upper left. Replacing the eagle on the reverse side of the quarter.  On the obverse side, Georgia Washington diagram is on the obverse (heads) side of the quarter along with the dates 1776-1976, representing our 200 years of independence.

Although this quarter was first issued in 1975 it is still in circulation and if you check your pockets or your sofa cushions you may just find one there.  Waiting for you to explore. On this episode of Quarter Miles Travel we explore Two Bits of travel trivia when you flip  that quarter over and Quarter Miles Travel takes it from there with a little trivia about the bicentennial quarter and the drummers who marched along with the soldiers in the Revolutionary War and Civil War.

Who were the drummer boys?  On Episode 18, Quarter Miles Travel tells the story of the most famous drummer boy, Johnny Lincoln Clem.

Many of the youngest boys who served in the revolutionary and civil war were drummers.  They weren’t supposed to be fighters. 

They walk along side the marching soldiers, beating their drums to help keep everyone in step and together.  Johnny became known for his bravery and persistence.  Here’s the story of little Johnny, at only 30 inches tall and weighing only 60+ pounds.  

Bicentennial Quarter
A young Johnny Clem

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