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The Live Oak Tree! It’s is part of nature that surrounds us with beauty, and inspires us with its uniqueness. Their importance and value is undeniable.  They are an important part of our lives providing a natural elements for us to enjoy outdoors and a habitat for wildlife, animals and insects large and small.

In Georgia the Live Oak stands tall and strong and her beauty is one of the attractions that leaves visitors from around the world in awe of their size, character and a certain healthy amount of mystery.

How much do you know about this grand tree?  Here on Quarter Miles – The Live Oak tree shares her story. 

On the reverse side of the Georgia State Quarter there are sprigs surrounding the embossed state outline which has a peach in the center along with sprigs from the Live Oak. The sprigs circle the design highlighting the outline of the state.

This magnificent tree can be seen all around the Georgia coastal area.  The moss draped tree has inspired many poems and also tall tales. It is elegant in its grandeur and mysterious with its many gnarly limbs reaching out like an old hand, gently touching the wind – stretching from the ground and reaching to the sky.  

A symbol of the south yesterday and today,  it is still the tree which brings value to not only property, but also people’s lives.

Mike, Pails with  Ossabaw Consulting is an arborist who loves, loves, loves trees and can tell us all about the Live Oak. He joins me for a conversation we talk about the Georgia Live Oak from top to bottom.

For more information

Wormsloe State Historic site – https://gastateparks.org/Wormsloe
Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GA DNR) https://gadnr.org


Live Oak Trees

Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island. Large trees, many of them Live Oaks lay resting on the shoreline.


Live Oak Trees

Wormsloe, a Georgia Historic Site has an avenue of beautiful Live Oak trees. A very popular spot for photographs.

Live Oak Trees

Spanish Moss grows on this Live Oak Tree on Jekyll Island.

Live Oak Tree

Although not located in Georgia, the Angel Oak grows outside of Charleston and not far from the South Carolina – Georgia state line.


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