During my years with Pan Am a stop in Dubai was a great time for shopping at the airport for gold and then right back on the airplane.  The airport staff and crew were always very friendly, helpful and got us on our way without incident. We headed on to Bombay and did not think much about a city that seemed lost among the waves of sand below.  That was in the late 1980’s.  Today fast forward, and Dubai is a city making its mark in both tourism and business.

Dubai, the city-state of the United Arab Emirates, is one of seven Emirates that make up the country.  Located in the southeast region of the PersianGulf and has the largest population in the UAE.

Now a cosmopolitan city and very different from the Dubai I remember from my Pan Am days.  It has grown into a town recognized for culture, business, real estate and tourism.  Large corporations moving staff to the region have created a large expat population with families calling Dubai home for several years.

No longer does the city disappear into the sand. Dubai’s skyscrapers and high-rise buildings have created a source of interest for travelers to be in awe of the world’s tallest building and man-made islands. The shopper in me wants to see the shopping malls, which are said to be the largest in the world. Hmmm, how large is that?  How many days will I need to sift my way through the deals and “significant finds”?  What about gold, is it still a good buy?  What is it like living there as an expat?  Has the city changed or just put on a shiny coat?  What is the must-see attraction in the city?

Well, I am ready to have my questions answered and see the changes.  So, I am going back to Dubai, and when I return, you will be the first to hear all about my adventures and how well my Pan Am memories compare to the bright, new gleaming city in the sand.


A fascinating array of architectural design all around the city.



Dubai Spice Souk (market). Located in Deira and close to the Gold Souk.



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