Hacienda Zorita – Source of Spanish Delights

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In the Salamanca province of Castilla and Leon is a beautiful hotel and spa, Hacienda Zorita. And, at first glance you will think, the beauty and tranquility you experience here is all there is to this jewel of a place to stay.  But wait!  There is also an organic farm, winery, cheese processing facility, raw milk farm, producer of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and lovely staff. 

I had an opportunity to visit and talk with guest experience manager, Javier and I was astonished so much could be done with one company.  Their moto:  To Live – To Love and you will experience just that with all of your senses.  

Take a look at my photographs. You’ll want to go. I promise.

For more information: the-haciendas.com


The buildings date back to the 14th century. Christopher Columbus stayed here for six months while raising fund for his future sailings.


Hotel building area where the restaurant,  hotel and spa is located.


The restaurant uses produce from their organic farm located on their property and part of the slow food movement.


Beautiful areas around the hotel property.


Lunch is served with fresh organic veggies right from their farm.


The Hacienda group is known for their wine production and winery. There is a larger selection onsite at the restaurant.



Hacienda group is known for their wines.



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