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Holiday Travel Gift Ideas from Travel Bags With Annita

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Here it is – The Holiday Travel Gift Guide from Travel Bags With Annita & Friends. The holidays are the perfect time to give the gift of travel.  Either a fabulous dream trip for someone who has an extraordinary destination on their dream list, or something you found on one of your recent get-aways.

The gift of travel can come in all different ways.  Either choice, you can give something that moves travel to the top of the list. Here are our suggestions for your 2017 gift list.

  1. Lipault Luggage


Are you a savvy traveler? Do you travel with a carry-on when flying?
Forget the checked luggage and bring on a stylish bag that allows you to travel light.

On a road trip?  It’s the bag that doesn’t take up the whole trunk. On a flight, it’s in the overhead.
Best of all, it’s super lightweight and folds flat in its case for convenient storage options.

Yes, the durable and water resistant PVC reinforced Nylon also folds neatly into its storage bag and you can slide it under the bed for storage.

You can stuff and stuff and stuff – but if it’s overstuffed, it may not fit in the overhead or be accepted by the airlines.

• Vibrant Fashion colors
• Carry-On size and weight allowances vary by airline
Weight: 4.7 lbs.
Body Dimensions: 20.6″ x 13.2″ x 7.9”


2. Kill Devil Rum

P1000871 (1)
For the rum lovers on your list. Kill Devil Rum is distilled in North Carolina’s on the Outer Banks.
The distillery is located in Manteo, NC and was started by two brewers and two bartenders. They wanted to bring back the tradition of rum to the Outer Banks.

Kill Devil gets its name from the liquor or rum brought in from the Caribbean, mainly Barbados, to the area. Due to bacteria in the water, it was considered very dangerous to drink. People commonly became very from drinking water in the area. Rum was safer to drink and thus was found to “kill the devil,” or kill the possibility of illness.

Travel Bags With Annita’s favorite is Irma Rum which is within the Shipwreck Series.
It is a small batch of rum aged in unique barrels crafted from a variety of ingredients.
3. Lug Life


The perfect bag with multiple pockets and compartments. It’s a great carry-on.
Mothers love it for all the places to pack things you’ll need to easily access during your trip.

I love the quilted fabric in various colors.  And, the four wheels make it easy for traveling.  On the inside-outside front and sides, you’ll find pockets.

There is a zipper pouch with a removable mirror too.

Lug Life bags have you ready to go!

There is a large following of people who love the Lug Bags.  They are called Lug Nuts – join the movement!

4. Big Spoon Roasters Peanut Almond Butter


Peanut almond butter – what a great combination!

It is handcrafted nut butter from scratch and made in small batches.  The company is in North Carolina and combines California almonds with fresh slow-roasted runner peanuts. While there are several flavors and combinations, our favorite is Peanut Almond.

5. Lojel Suitcase
A suitcase with worry-free security
Sleek case with classic style
Full interior lining
Handy pockets
Dual wheels – set of four
A very secure locking system with one lock on top, two on the side and one under the bottom
Four point lock clasp closure
TSA-approved lock
Made of advance PP Polypropylene shells
Hardshell lovers will want this case
Various colors – orange, green, blue, red and black
The smaller size is less than 5 lbs. the larger size is less than 6 lbs

6. Hatteras Saltworks

P1000883 (1)
I love salt.  Located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina is a great little organic salt company.  The owners take saltwater from the ocean, where the warm Gulf stream and the cold water from Labrador Current give the area a unique source of high mineral content and high salinity ocean water. They use the sun to evaporate the salt water in solar ovens.

My favorite – the smoked pecan wood sea salt.  It adds a unique and delicious flavor to any dish.

7. Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson Red Rooster Cookbook

P1000885 (1)
Marcus Samuelsson is the owner of Red Rooster Restaurant in Harlem, which not only services delicious food but is also a great place to hear jazzy, upbeat music in a very lively setting.

His cookbook of the same name – Red Rooster Harlem is a favorite of Doc Bill’s.

I had the chance to meet Chef Marcus earlier this year.  And, my signed copy of the cookbook is an extraordinary memory of the evening.


The cookbook is filled with tributes, stories and of course recipes. It makes the perfect gift for the cooks on your list.

8. Floafers

FullSizeRender (1)
I’ve been looking for these shoes for a long, long time.  And, I’ve found them.  Floafers!

Combining the versatility of EVA foam with the classic design of a driving loafer you no longer have to be afraid of getting your shoes wet!

A very fashion forward, stylish shoe design composed of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), which makes it waterproof and comfortable to wear.

They come in various colors for both men and women.

I’ll be taking them with me on my cruise to the South Pacific.
9. Chico’s Velvet Sequin Trim Top and matching pants

Can you wear luxury? Yes!

With an asymmetrical hem with sequins along the bottom, not only does it spell luxury, but it is also flattering for any figure.

I also love the long sleeves.  As always, the Chico’s Travelers collection promises its trademark the wrinkle-free fabric. It’s easy to pack and no worries about how it will look when you take it out of your luggage.

It comes in black or dark mulberry – so you choose your perfect party look. This outfit is ideal for hosting a holiday party, or go ahead an accept that party invitation you will be the sophisticated lady dressed in deep royal purple or rather mulberry.  I love that name!

It’s an online exclusive so go to:
10. Chico’s Enamel Red Dress

For me, the holidays mean dressing in red, and Chico’s Travelers collection has a dress to make the holidays bright and stylish too!

The classic Neck overlay dress is both flattering and comfortable, and don’t leave off stylish and eye-catching too!

Easy to pack for the holiday events that require travel time

It has 3/4 sleeve length and is just above the knee, creating a very youthful look.

And, it’s machine washable.

Chico’s Travelers Collection started 20 years ago with a basic, but classic black dress – very sophisticated!
Travelers Collection pieces are known for their very comfortable fabric which is easy for travel because it is also wrinkle-free. Most of all it is very complimentary to any body shape.

11. Owl Safety Escape Tool

How about a tool to keep in your car for safety?  It is small but powerful!

It looks like plastic but, it has a seatbelt cutter, and there is a sharp point to crack your window glass. If you are trapped in your car – you’ll want this tool.

It comes with a little pouch with a self-adhesive on the back for you to keep the tool in your car… just in case.

This is one of those things you hope you never, ever need, but if you do, you’ll be glad you have it – within reach, just above your head on the sun visor.
12. Wake the Foot Sanctuary

P1000890 (1)
Wake the Foot Sanctuary provides luxurious foot soaks and massages in Asheville, NC. Experience a unique treat for your feet, and it’s also great for your whole body.  If your feet feel great, so does everything else.

After a long day, it’s a perfect relaxation tool.

Natural Bath Salts and Wake Body Wash are both available online.

Lavender mask and body cream are two of my favorites

13. In Your Face Tripod Mount


Two cool items from The In Your Face company:

The Clamp – Clamp it to a plane’s tray table, a workout machine at the gym, on the golf cart, or anywhere else you go.  And there is the Tripod Mount.  It is the flexible yet securely connects your smartphone for stability to take those selfies and group pictures easier, and it also extends your view.

Use it with a self-timer, time-lapse, panorama shots, or even analyzing your swing on the golf course.
14. Aruba –

40181830 - amazing view of caribbean beach with white sand and beautiful exotic palm trees
Beautiful beaches in Aruba – your choice or maybe choose them all.  Photo by Anna Jedynak

Give the gift of travel and excellent accommodations.  Soak up the sun on seven beaches in Aruba.

Enjoy great food, and it’s a beautiful destination for families, romance and girlfriends get away. Also guys… you can go fishing, diving and enjoy water sports.  Girls love that too!

Arikok National Park makes up 20% of the island with wildlife and a nature preserve. It’s the largest national park in the Caribbean.

There are many great shopping opportunities in Aruba too. There’s something for everyone!

Check it all out at

Remember to check out our FB page for a contest where you can win some of our gifts for yourself.

One last suggestion during this season of giving: Give to your favorite charity. Consider finding an organization to help Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. We love going there to have fun… now they need our help.

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