Destination: Kontiki Expeditions – Explore the Ecuadorian Coastline

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Destination: Kontiki Expeditions
Explore the Ecuadorian Coastline


Kontiki Expeditions along the Ecuadorian Coastline highlights conservation and sustainability,  the new words you’ll hear in travel.  And, one company is stepping up and stepping into what it truly means to sustain and conserve all that is important to travelers as we traverse the globe.  Communities, culture, language, cuisine, customs, traditions, wildlife and economies.  Kontiki Expeditions is doing it all – along their coastline and with their local communities.

It doesn’t take a long explanation to understand the connection between communities and their success having a connection to tourism. It’s important everywhere. However, some places have so much to offer and can benefit from strong tourism ties.  Ecuador’s coastline is one place. It is rich in traditions, local cuisine, culture and phenomenal people ready to share.

I recently took an exploration on Kontiki’s Wayra yacht.  It is a nine stateroom offering what they define as Neo-luxury experiences.  What is Neo-luxury you may ask. Well, it is the chance to have hands on encounters in a one-on-one environment with local communities sharing their long-standing traditions, culture, cuisines and way of life. You have hands-on experience to learn and put yourself in the culture, not just as a spectator, but as a participant.

You come away with a greater appreciation for sustaining and conserving all that you have experienced.  It’s a Neo-luxury opportunities to take you journey to the next level. A #abovesealevel experience.  That’s Kontiki’s expression, I can’t take credit for that, but I can tell you, it is truly above sea level in so many ways.

Join in today to hear from two of Kontiki’s crew members Valentina and Ruly about all the things waiting for you onboard and on expeditions when you say yes to this journey around Ecuador.  They are making a difference and you can be part of it.

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But before you go, checkout photos from my trip with Kontiki.  

Kontiki Wayra Neo-Luxury Yacht The water slide and kayaks are ready for fun


Soledad Calderón, owner of Kontiki Expeditions enjoying the hot tub on the Sundeck.


Kontiki Expeditions Ecuadorian Coastline

Kontiki Expeditions offers #AboveSeaLevel experiences along the Ecuadorian coastline (outdoor shower on the Sundeck)


The dining room with large windows – enjoy your meal while you checkout the view


Kontiki Expeditions Ecuadorian Coastline

Jamie offers cocktails on the Sundeck

Delicious food breakfast, lunch, dinner and tasty snacks

Kontiki Expeditions Ecuadorian Coastline



Kontiki Expeditions Ecuadorian Coastline




Kontiki Expeditions Ecuadorian Coastline

Expedition leader Ruly ready for the next expedition.


Kontiki Expeditions Ecuadorian Coastline

Hands on traditional Ecuadorian pottery experience with the Orrala family


Kneading the materials for the traditional pottery with the Orrala family


Kontiki Expeditions Ecuadorian Coastline

Traditional Ecuadorian pottery made by the Orrala family


The second elder of the Orrala family assisted with the final process to make our pottery


An extraordinary experience with the shaman when we visited Agua Blanca

Visit to the national park – Puerto Lopez with our guide. The park is unfairly called “the poor mans Galapagos.”


Extensive views on Puerto Lopez


Several trails lead to the ocean and along the way you will spot wildlife nesting nearby


Amazing views of the rocky coastline


Along the path you’ll find the Blue Foote Booby in their natural habitat. You’ll have a first-hand chance to view their parenting habits.


Nazca Booby in their natural habitat


An expedition to Iche Culinary School to visit with Chef Valentina and her students


Chef Valentina shares local herbs and their use in cooking and medicine


Traditional Ecuadorian oven used for cooking bread and other food items


Chef Valentina shares traditional Ecuadorian cooking techniques, foods and folk-stories


Dishes prepared by Iche Culinary School students


A visit to the Sendero Pasaje del Mono to walk through the rain forest to find Howler Monkeys. Our guide explained both flora and fauna


Ecuadorian performers share a traditional dance during our final expedition


A long tradition in Ecuador is making the Tequila Hats, also called Panama hats due to their popularity with workers during the construction period of the Panama Canal. The fifth-generation master weaver Domingo showed us how he makes hat from palm fronds


Water Toys


A look inside the Kontiki MS Wayra Yacht


Upper sundeck


Lounge area and great books to relax and read


A large bathrooms with a shower

Lounge chairs to relax the evening away


Lounge and bar area, next to the dining area


Decorative items are sourced from local traditional craft artists


Decorative items are sourced from local traditional craft artists


Luxurious spa treatments on the lower deck

Here’s an article with more info about the Neo-Luxury Kontiki Expeditions

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