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Let’s go to the Lowcountry!

Travel Bags With Annita & Friends  – Top 5 Lowcountry Cities

by Alyson Shields

DSC_3134Lowcountry is a region on the South Carolina/Georgia border, famous for seafood, especially lowcountry boils, shrimp and Grits, sweetgrass baskets and beachfront beauty. It is also known for the Gullahs, or Geechees, decedents of freed slaves who have retained their native language and adapted a southern way of life. All of these factors have turned Lowcountry from more than just a location into a southern tradition.

1.  Charleston, South Carolina

While not always recognized as lowcountry, the city is famous for being the oldest and second largest city in South Carolina. Some people say this is where Shrimp and Grits was born.  Founded in 1670 in honor of King Charles II, its history has been well preserved. The city is also known for it’s own accent, and the Geechee language is still spoken among locals.

2. Beaufort County, South Carolina

In the heart of the Sea Islands of lowcountry is Beaufort County. With several cities, including Beaufort and Port Royal, it is located on Port Royal Island. With it’s rich history and antebellum architecture it has become quite popular among tourists. Several movies have been shot here, including the hurricane scene from Forrest Gump; The Big Chill; The Prince of Tides and G.I. Jane. The county also celebrates the Beaufort Shrimp Festival, which celebrates the local trade, and is held every October.

3. Hilton Head, South Carolina

Located in Beaufort County, this island is well known on the southeast coast for it’s beautiful beaches. The resort town is named for Captain William Hilton, who named the island after himself in 1663. The island is also home to many Gullahs.

4. Savannah, Georgia

While not true lowcountry, Savannah has it’s own lowcountry feel. The city’s shrimp and seaside make it one of the most well known cities in Georgia and a prime destination for tourists. It’s rich history mixes with up-and-coming urban neighborhoods, filling it with locals.

5. Sapelo Island, Georgia

Last… but really our all-time favorite is Just off the coast of Georgia, this quaint island is only accessible by ferry. The island is owned by the state and is full of beautiful wildlife and even has the University of Georgia marine education and research center and the Reynolds Mansion state park. It is also considered one of the birthplaces of ecology. The island has a rich history and is home to many Gullahs. It is also the hometown to Allen Bailey, defensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs.

 If you would like to visit our favorite, Sapelo Island, contact the Sapelo Island Birdhouses at 912-223-6515.

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