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Episode 1 – Quarter Miles Travel – North Carolina and the Wright Brothers

Quarter Miles Travel

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Quarter Miles, North Carolina and the Wright Brothers Memorial. How much do you know about North Carolina and the Wright Brothers?  Quarter Miles Travel takes you on a journey to North Carolina where you will learn all about the Wright Brothers and their first manned flight. This behind the scenes adventure captures all the excitement and anticipation of the people who helped make it all possible. There is more to the first flight than you may already know. Danny Couch, our guest, shares an inside view of the events leading up to that historic day.

North Carolina State Quarter
United States Mint Image




Here are a couple of “Did you know?”

There were several people who witnessed the event?  And, descendants of several of the observers continue to live in the Kitty Hawk area today.

The iconic photo of the flight taking off was taken by a photographer who wasn’t sure if he really captured the historic event.  Do you know his name?

You can place yourself in a replica of the flying machine and see what it felt like for the brothers.  Do you know where that is?

Orville and Wilbur Wright were bicycle makers from Dayton, OH! Wow, who knew!

The first flight wasn’t very long.  Do you know how long the first flight took?

Here’s a hint – In the space of a few heartbeats, two brothers on the sands of the Outer Banks solved a mystery that had captured mankind’s imagination since our first breath. Fascinating!

This wasn’t an overnight success.  Listen to the podcast to hear how they planned and prepared for this eventful day.

The decision as to who would actually fly that day, wasn’t a scientific method.  Do you know how they decided?

Do you know which brother was actually flying?

Listen to the podcast to hear the behind the scenes  thoughts and feelings of those who were there witnessing the event, especially the photographer who wondered, “did I capture the flight?”

This show was inspired by the North Carolina State Quarter and the symbol on the back of the Wright Brothers First Flight.

A special thanks to the following:  The National Park Service, The Wright Brothers National Memorial, The Outer Banks Tourism Bureau, Aaron Truell, Martin Armes and our special guest Danny Couch.

Next quarter up – Georgia!


Wright Brothers
Take a look at how the brothers lived while planning and working to make manned flight possible.


Wright Brothers flying machine
Take a seat and see how it felt to fly through the air.


Kitty Hawk Kites
Take a flight similar to what the Wright Brothers took with a guide and a hang glide…. you’re set to see the sights of the Kitty Hawk and the Outer Banks.

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