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Destination: Food Maps
Where did our favorite foods originate


Food and travel are the perfect pair. When we are off on a getaway we want to try the local dish, the national meals and all the recommended things to eat. It’s top of the list. That’s part of the fun in travel.

But, have you wondered how certain dishes become a national favorite? Did the ingredients originate in that country? Food maps of the world tell the story of how food along with people, migrate around the globe.  Where they originated may be far, far away in the line of history and forgot in some cases. However, food does have a trail of it’s own and food loves to travel too.

Doc Bill, an avid farmer, food enthusiast and history lover comes on to share his love of food along with answers to some of Annita’s questions about how we have come to love certain foods in the destinations we visit.

Doc Bill is the author of two cookbooks and the editor of one featuring the food in Georgia – from the Mountains to the coast.
He authored –
Appalachian Cooking
Gullah – Geechee Cooking – Coastal areas of Georgia

Editor of –
Cherokee Cooking

Send Doc Bill an email if you’re interested in either cookbook. –

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