Pets and Short Term Rentals

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Pets and Short Term Rentals

Many  short-term rentals welcome your fur babies and are animal lovers too. The requirements vary from property to property. And, the situations where your pet will visit can be very different from home. Here are a couple of questions to ask – 

  1. Is there an age or size limit?
  2. Is a kennel available, or do I need to bring one for my pet while I’m out of the house/room?
  3. Pet fee – how much, and is it a one-time fee or daily fee?
  4. You know your pet. Does your pet have any destructive tendencies? You may want to reconsider taking them if the behavior could be very damaging to the accommodation. There could be substantial fees if your pet destroys items that need repair or replacement. 
  5. Consider the needs of your pet – potty breaks, walks, levels of anxiety that may cause barking or upset stomachs. If you’re staying in a high-rise condo, it could mean several trips up and down the elevator/steps to go outside.
  6. Bring along a flash light for night time potty breaks. Ask about the rules for pet waste and how that should be handled around the property. There may be rules and regulations in the area.
  7. You never know if there will be other pets where you’re staying. This includes the short-term rental property and rest stops along your journey. Place your pet on a leash to avoid conflict with another animal.  Ask your rental host if there are other animals on the property and if there will be any possible contact with your pet.
  8. Are you required to have specific vaccinations, medications, etc. for your pet?  Bring along vet paperwork to confirm your pet is up to date on all shots and meds.
  9. Does your pet enjoy time with you on the sofa or at bedtime? Bring a blanket to cover the furniture. However, it is best to follow the house rules at your rental. Plus, it is a courtesy to the next renters to not have your pet sleep in the bed with you.  The next guest could have allergies and even deep cleaning may not rid the area of all pet dander.
  10. Ask – What type pets are allowed. Some rentals may not allow cats. Do not assume all animal types are allowed.

Bring Fido is a great resource for pet friendly accommodations.


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