Destinations: Review of New York Times 52 Top Destinations for 2018 – Jan. 20, 2018

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34273549 - view of downtown willemstad at twilight. curacao, netherlands antilles

Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

The New York Times 52 top destinations – they have done it again. Their cohort of great journalists traveled the world and came back with their suggestions for “must see destinations” for 2018. And, you can imagine the meetings to narrow the list to 52 great destinations for a year or big, bold journeys.

Not just international cities or U.S. cities, the list contains places around the globe. If you’re thinking, “I know they have the big, popular cities like New York, London and Paris, I’ve already been there, done that!” Well, no actually. The list is filled with off the beaten path destinations, ready for you to be the grand explorer this year, discovering places you may have never heard of, but will be ready to inspire others to…. GO!

We dissected the list and choose a couple of our favorites to talk about on the show. But, believe us on this one – we will revisit this list throughout the year. We will keep it handy for many more shows.

We want you to check out the New York Times list to help decide your next vacation. And, if you’re not using this list as a source for choosing your next vacation, it is a great way to be introduced to cities and places your may not know about, but now can learn more.

Listen to the show… here are the links.

      1. NYT-Best-Travel-Destinations-1-1-20-18

Overview of the New York Times Top 52 Destinations for 2018

      2. NYT-Best-Travel-Destinations-2-1-20-18

The number one city from the list and our #1 city too – New Orleans

      3. NYT-Best-Travel-Destinations-3-1-20-18

Baltimore, Maryland and Branson, Missouri

      4. NYT-Best-Travel-Destinations-4-1-20-18

The Caribbean – We pick a few favorites here too.  But, overall it’s about supporting all the islands in the Caribbean.


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