Sustainable Travel with Aviator USA Travel Gear

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Sustainable Travel with Aviator USA Travel Gear

Sustainable travel has become the new theme for travel experiences. When we think of travel conservation, ecotourism, and sustainability, what comes to mind are hotels, food, the physical surroundings, and cultural traditions. But have you considered the clothing we pack and take along with us? Now that travel is gearing up again, it’s time to think about how we can make a difference in the way we travel. Let’s start with the clothes we choose. 

Aviator USAsustainable travel has a unique line of environmentally conscious garments that also makes travel much more manageable and comfortable. I reviewed their 100% Merino Wool Travel Hoodie. I absolutely love it! It has two exterior zipper-secure pockets and multifunctional sleeves that you can cuff and wear the traditional way or as a fingerless mitten. The hood can double as a sleep mask. It’s versatile and stylish. 

Sustainable Travel

Wear it with the hood for extra warmth and protection against the weather.


Sustainable Travel

Wear it without the hood. Either way is stylish.

What especially caught my attention, the 100% Merino Wool Travel Hoodie is an excellent solution for staying environmentally conscious and friendly. The company sources the wool from New Zealand, where they have a ban on mulesing, which is the unethical/inhumane treatment of the sheep. What’s excellent about Merino Wool and why I love it so much, is the fabric’s antimicrobial qualities, which offer protection against bacteria, mold, mildew, and other hazardous microbes that can get on your clothes. The lightweight, washable, fast-dry wool saves water and eliminates adding extra harmful detergents to the environment. Plus, who wants to wash and wash and wash things while traveling.

Sustainable Travel

The hood is a great option indoors or outdoors. It covers just enough of your head but doesn’t smear your makeup.

What the expert says –

According to Colin with Aviator USA, “Cutting down on the amount of detergents you need to purchase is also helpful in reducing the amount of plastic waste generated when disposing of those products. Merino Wool clothes will last longer because they won’t undergo as much wear and tear that comes with having to launder them so often.” Aviator USA has considered all of the results of the choices they make as a company. Saving water is one conservation effort that can make a huge difference in countries where clean drinking water is a daily challenge. Although I plan to wear my 100% Merino Wool Travel Hoodie for many years to come, it is good to know that Merino wool is a biodegradable fabric that disappears after about 12 months in the ground. This hoodie is an absolute must for a sustainability-conscious traveler.  

My favorite fabric –

sustainable travelMy favorite fabric and travel garment is a comfortable pair of jeans. The Aviator USA jeans line is made of quick-dry material allowing you to air dry the jeans and eliminate the need to use a dryer. The Comfort Skinny Vintage Black Jeans  are very comfortable for long flights and road trips.

When I travel, I’m lifting, pushing, pulling, and getting on and off planes, shuttle buses, and cars. I need jeans that don’t pinch and squeeze too tight. The comfort stretch fabric allows for easy wear without stopping to adjust the waistband or pull the pants back into a comfortable position. The high-rise fit also ensures when I’m bending down or lifting something over my head, they do not slide down, exposing too much skin.  

When I go from flight to meeting, my slim-straight fit, Comfort Skinny Vintage Black Jeans don’t sag or wrinkle. I’m ready for business, and I don’t look travel-worn but prepared to get started. I’m usually walking around checking-out sites all day and I need jeans that will take me from flight to evening dinner.

The two back pockets with hidden zippers let me feel secure while visiting areas around town. It’s the perfect place to keep my passport when I need it during the day on international trips and feel safe storing money, keys, and ID in a hide-away place. 


Sustainable Travel

The deep front pocket allows you to securely fit your passport or wallet safely inside. It’s deep enough to place you hand all the way inside.


Sustainable Travel

Now you see it!  Zipper back pockets. Keep things secure in your pocket and eliminate the need to carry extra bags.  Also… check the Aviator Logo on the belt loop.  Cool, right!


Sustainable Travel

Now you don’t …. see it!. Back pockets with concealed zipper inside the pockets. 


Aviator USA travel gear is my number one pick for the traveler ready to make their mark on saving our planet while staying travel-ready.  

Sustainable Travel

We can make a difference with our choice of clothing.

What makes a garment environmentally friendly –

Below are several sustainable, eco-friendly, and conserving qualities of the Aviator USA Brand.

  1.  Responsibly sourced wool from New Zealand
  2. Biodegradable and fast deteriorating fabric
  3. Antibacterial fabric means less washing and harmful detergents into the environment
  4. Quick-dry materials which lessen the need for electric dryers 

And, comfort is an essential factor in why we choose certain brands.

  1.  Comfort stretch denim fabric means pleasant-to-wear and stylish garments, making it easy to “yes” to an environmentally-friendly way of travel
  2. Lightweight wool fabric can come along on summer and winter trips
  3. Merino wool has many qualities – lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant and temperature-regulating 
  4. Jeans, shirts, sweaters come in various sizes to ensure the perfect, comfortable fit
  5. Free custom hemming available
  6. It’s all about casual style, ready for travel and work

And, there is one more great PLUS – Made in the USA!

It’s time to shop. Here’s the website

What I’m wearing – 

Black 100% Merino Wool Travel Hoodie 

Comfort Skinny Vintage Black  Jeans

Also featured, the Aviator Logo Tropical Twill Cap



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  1. Will

    Love the hoodie. And it’s made from Merino wool. A definite plus.

    • Annita

      Thanks so much Will. It’s is perfect for travel. And, yes, the wool fabric is a definite plus.

  2. Marjorie

    Really sharp and stylish jacket Annita.
    You are looking great and looking ready for travel.
    Love the way you bring forward the best ideas for travel.
    Much love and many happy returns in all that you do.

    • Annita

      Thanks so much Marjorie. I love, love the material the hoodie is made of. It’s soft and most of all very environmentally friendly.


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