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Swiss cheese – Emmentaler the Switzerland Original

Swiss cheese

We go to Switzerland and explore the original – Emmentaler Cheese

Swiss cheese Emmentaler


Swiss cheese, the beloved and most imitated cheese around the world is what we call Swiss cheese.  However, the name is Emmentaler and it is made in Switzerland. On this show we are going to Switzerland, where this most popular cheese originated and continues to be one of the top cheeses produced each year.

It’s our choice for sandwiches and fondue, for cheese and wine, for a snack or special occasion. Emmentaler or Swiss cheese as we call it has a very special place in the culinary world. Every year around 17,000 tons of Emmentaler AOP are distributed in Switzerland and around the world.

Emmentaler is made with the best, freshest raw milk from the region.The cheese is considered an original because it is still made in the traditional, artisanal manner according to the original recipe. And we know the Swiss quality of craftsmanship will be guaranteed in the processing of this delightful and delicious cheese.

Swiss cheese - emmentalerThis show’s Interesting Person In A Fascinating Destination is Roland Sahli.  His is our expert today on Emmentaler cheese.Roland is on the board of management with Gourimino where they make several types of cheeses, with Emmentaler AOP as one of the top produced each year.

Roland describes himself as the wikipedia of cheese because he grew up in a cheese dairy and has been involved in the cheese making for many years.Roland shares more about his family and how they are involved in the cheese industry.

And, here’s a little Emmentaler AOP trivia

Swiss cheese emmentaler
Fresh raw milk is processed into cheese                                                            Photo – Tom Trachsel


Swiss cheese emmentaler
The steps of processing the fresh raw milk into cheese.                              Photo Tom Trachsel
  • Around 43% of milk from Swiss farmers is made into cheese
  • Approximately fresh raw milk from 41 cows goes into one wheel of cheese
  • Around 33,000 cows supply the roughly 200 million liters of milk per year for Emmentaler
  • Emmentaler is rich in vitamins A, D, B2 and B12
  • It is naturally lactose-free
  • Cheese is an excellent source of nutrients such as protein, calcium and vitamins.
  • Emmentaler is low in salt
  • No artificial additives
  • Emmentaler AOP is suitable for anyone on a low-carb diet or food
  • Cheese dairies may process fresh raw milk twice a day
  • Milk comes from 2,200 farms
  • Emmentaler is the king of cheeses with 90kg average weight, 80 to 100 cm diameter and 16 to 27 cm thickness
Swiss cheese emmentaler
 Happy Cows


Swiss cheese emmentaler
The happy cows’ diet from a mountain pasture on a sunny day = delicious cheese

The cows are called Happy Cows – they eat only natural, unprocessed feed, high in nutrients and are fed fresh grass and hay.  They get plenty of exercise and lots of daylight with lots of space to roam.


Swiss cheese emmentaler
Each cheese wheel has a unique number                                                     Photo – Tom Trachsel

Each wheel bears its own unique cheese dairy number and comes with guaranteed traceability back to the cheese dairy where it was produced

Swiss cheese emmentaler


How did you get those beautiful holes – the holes of the Emmentaler AO)P are formed during the maturing period, in which each wheel of cheese continuously cared for and monitored – cheeses are tended to and checked every day, wherewheel is turned once a week.


Swiss cheese emmentaler
Photo – Tom Trachsel

Wheels of Emmentaler AOP are first put in a fermentation cellar and allowed to mature naturally in a storage cellar for at least 120 days


Swiss cheese emmentaler
Gourmino Celler                                                   Photo – Tom Trachsel


Swiss cheese emmentaler
Gourmino Celler                                                  Photo – Tom Trachsel

The fermentation cellars temperature of about 19-24 C triggers propionic acid fermentation which produces carbon dioxide gas that collects at various spots in the curds.The gas cannot espcape because it is trapped by the rind, which is already solid. This causes the cheese’s distinctive, world famous holes to form.

It also owes its characteristic mild and nutty flavor to the propionic acid fermentation and long maturing period.


Swiss cheese emmentaler
Photo – Tom Trachsel

Cheese receives TLC where each wheel is taken off its shelf and turned. Today some cheese makers still turn each wheel by hand but most use a turning machine to help them. Or have a fully automated system. There are regular checks to make sure maturing is taking place properly.

For more information on Gourmino visit their website –
To learn more about Emmentaler –
Visit their Instagram – Gourminoltd and Facebook – Gourmino Swiss cheese

To Plan a trip to the beautiful country of Switzerland visit their website –
Follow and/or search the hashtags #IneedSwitzerland and #InLoveWithSwitzerland

Take along the perfect knife and fork for cheese – Victorinox –

Grab a glass of wine and a couple of slices of Emmentaler and listen to the show.

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