Top Ten Things To Know For Short Term Rentals

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Top Ten Things To Know For
Short Term Rentals

There are ten things to know for short term rentals. Making a good choice is not only what creates long-lasting memories, but can also be good for your safety, budget and fulfilling your expectations.

Here are ten things to know:

Know what you want
This probably sounds like “of course, who wouldn’t!” According to Airbnb hosts, you would be surprised to hear how many people rent a short term rental property without fully identifying what they want and matching their wants and needs to what they actually rent.
Knowing what you want means also not paying for things you are not going to use. Are you going to use the condo gym, are you going swimming in the pool, do you need to stay in the trending area?  Compare what you plan to do with what the accommodation offers.  You can save a bundle by not renting a home in the hot-spot, if you’re looking for a weekend getaway to disconnect and relax. Don’t pay for amenities you are not going to use.

Know what’s going on in town
It’s easy enough to check what’s going on in town on the dates you are considering.  Check with the local tourism office or convention and visitors center. They keep a list of festivals, sporting events, conventions, etc. Events in your destination can influence the costs and availability of rental space.

Know your host
Who are you renting from? It’s not hard to get to know your host. They are equally interested in knowing more about you too.  The host-renter relationship goes both ways.  Renters want to make sure they are working with a host who is thoughtful, friendly and who cares about making sure you’ll have a comfortable place to stay.  And, the host wants to know they are turning over the keys to guest renters who will take care of their property all while enjoying their stay. Hosts want you to have a great time.

How do you get to know your host? Have a conversation with them via the rental platform; wether it is Airbnb, VRBO or any of the other platforms. Reach out via email and ask questions. Tell them a little about you, what you’d like to do, why you are coming to this location for a visit.  Ask what they like about the area, where is the best place for dinner after touring all day. Create a conversation that will be a win-win for both parties.  Lack of communication can make both sides feel uncomfortable.

Know your  travel buddies – friends or family
Avoid disappointments by asking everyone to share what they would like in a short term rental. Determine sleeping arrangements, splitting fees and costs. It’s best to make sure all of these things are sorted out before you click reserve for your rental space.

Know how to be flexible
There is a big difference in renting a hotel room and a house/condo.  With short term rentals, things can go wrong and the likelihood that there is someone on call for immediate responses may not be an option. Many hosts wear several hats – manager, cleaner, maintenance and juggling is part of their role. Be understanding and ask reasonable questions without being pushy, rude and demanding. Hosts want you to be satisfied and most take pride in delivering what you want in a timely manner.

Know what you’re signing up for
Read all the details and ask questions if there is something you’re not sure of or you don’t feel comfortable with. Hosts have “house rules” and following them is part of the way the rental world works. Follow the rules and you’ll be warmly welcomed back again.

Know the area regulations 
The short term rental world is always changing. Cities and states are creating laws to regulate the rental – either allowing or not allowing them in certain area, the number of days you can rent, quiet hours and more. Research the local regulations. Although it is not frequent, some hosts may not follow all the rules and you will want to avoid any problems.

Know about cancellations and travel insurance
Things happen and the best laid plans can change without notice. Check out the cancellation policy before you reserve. Once you agree to the rental agreement you will have to adhere to the cancellation policy.  The length of time you have to cancel your reservation can vary.
Consider travel insurance. Compare the various plans and companies offering insurance. Ask questions specially about short term rentals and how you will be reimbursed if needed.

Know how to rate your stay
After your stay you may be asked to provide a review of your host. Rate your stay based on what the host has control over and not other businesses and experiences you have outside of their influence. Short term rentals are very small businesses and depend on referrals and honest – relatable reviews of your stay. If you have challenges during your stay with things like car rentals, shops and even traffic those things should not be part of the review given to the host. Likewise, the host should review renters based on their time staying in their home.

Know where to find good rentals
Great places to refer to: –  it is the one stop for the major short term rental sites, allowing you to search various platforms for the best place for you to stay. – for a special occasion, the choice to rent luxury properties can make your stay very memorable – hosts like to travel too and this site is the best place to find the barters system many hosts use for their vacations. – Always a top choice for accommodations. This continues as main site for booking accommodations – this site has become the standard so much so – it is also used as a verb “are you going to Airbnb? It is the most well known site – One of the first sites to offer homeowners a way to make money offering their homes in an organized manner
Find and compare short term rentals, hotels, car rentals and flights in one spot.
Know what to pack
Make a list and check it twice.  Here is a suggested list of things to bring along regardless of the destination. What to pack can vary greatly depending on the time of year, location, amenities and items supplied by your host and personal preference. Remember to check in with everyone coming along on the trip and ask your host. They are the experts on the property you’re renting.




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