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I travel because

I Travel Because  – Amy Boyle!

We asked Amy how do you finish the statement “I travel because!” Travel Bags With Annita joined Allianz Travel Insurance with their “I Travel Because” series to hear all the stories of why we travel.  We are asking some of our listeners to share why they love to travel and their favorite destinations around the world.

We asked Amy Boyle,  to complete the sentence I travel because. In her answers she shares not only her love of travel but also her love of photography and how it helps her connect with people, and places.

Her love of travel started with road trips as a child and taking Kodak pictures also created her love for photos too.  Her parents love of capturing family memories on road trips grew into her desire to make photography not only part of her travel but a career as well.

You’ll hear her share how travel helps her connect with people, places and experiences; connecting helps her bring memories back home. During our conversation Amy mentions a unique way of looking at travel – she views travel as a way to be open to the possibility of what’s next.

When we asked Amy to name a favorite destination and I loved her answer; “It’s like asking who is your favorite child!” So you have to listen to hear about her favorite travel experience.

©Amy Boyle Photography 2018

©Amy Boyle Photography 2018

Amy lives in Chicago with her husband.  She has five sons.
Visit her website www.amyboylephotography.com

And, listen to Amy’s conversation and hear him share “I travel because _____!”

I travel because


I travel because is shared with you in partnership with Allianz Travel Insurance. Visit their website for travel insurance which takes the worry out of your vacations. www.allianztravelinsurance.com

I travel because


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