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Travel Board Games = Virtually Travel The World

Travel Board Games
Virtually Travel The World

Travel Board Games let you virtually travel the world.  It’s the perfect trip  – one that is safe and without worry of social distancing.  For anyone who has been dreaming of travel but hasn’t ventured out, a board game filled with adventures, fun facts and challenges lets you have fun, learn intriguing facts and share your travel memories. Here are our favorites. Each game is available on


Travel Board Games

Trekking The World
Underdog Games says – “Let’s go travel the world.”  Grab your back pack and let’s go see the world.  An adventure with every move, explore the world’s most beautiful places, collect the best souvenirs, and virtually check off your bucket list destinations.  For the world travelers share your memories of places you’ve visited and for the places on your wish list, here’s the perfect way to play now, plan soon and go later.  When you’re ready to get back out and about, Trekking the World will have you saying – Ready, Set, Go!


Travel Board Games

Trekking the National Parks

Underdog Games has created the best way to get to know our national Parks.  With over 600 questions, challenge your family and find your way to the National Parks.  With both text and images you can answer questions and learn a lot about what makes America the beautiful.  When you’re ready to travel, you’ll also be ready to explore the national parks.  Can you say road trip!


Travel Board Games

The Pan Am Game

The Globe trotting airline from the 1920’s through the 1990’s the airline that set the pace for aviation firsts around the world is now a game.  Filled with strategy, miniature airplanes, retro art and all the glamour of the early airlines, players will have a chance to feel the thrill of flying during the days of luxury airlines.


Travel Board Games

Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego 

This classic game is always a winner.  With several different version, keeping up with Carmen can be a fun challenge for the whole family.  Track her around the world with clues to destinations and locations from one continent to the next.  

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Travel Board Games

Guess In 10

Challenge yourself and other players with 10 clues to answer – Where are you?  Are you in Asia, Europe or America?  Ask questions and use the clues.  The answers will not only gain points but knowledge too.  A great game to help children and adults learn more about countries around the world. The excitement will push you to answer 7 cards for the win!


Travel Board Games

Passport to Culture

Assess your culture IQ without leaving home. With over 1000 questions, there are sure to be challenges and rewards as the family challenges their cultural intelligence.  This game will get your ready to say no, no to lost in translations; you’ll be ready for any cross-cultural situations, learn more and appreciate the cultural differences around the world.


Travel Board Games

Travel Trivia – 50 Questions
Take a trip around the world from your dinner table answering 50 brain-busting questions that will inspire your next trip.  Learn little know facts about countries around the world. When travel is back on the to-do-list, this travel size game makes a great travel buddy.


Travel Board Games 

USA Geography Educational Board Game

Explore the U.S.A. while learning about U.S. geography, state capitals, regions and other interesting facts about each state. A user friendly map lets everyone explore by solving problems, using critical thinking and communication skills.  This fun game guarantees the more you play the more you learn. In a fun way.


Travel Board Games

A Ticket To Ride
Take a journey across the USA on a train adventure.  Each player collects matching train cards to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America.  The longer the routes  and the more distant cities you connect- the more points you can earn.  Ready, set, ride!

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