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Welcome to Travel Bags with Annita & Friends

Your special place for great travel information, resources to help plan, prepare and learn about great destinations; become a smart traveler in a fun and interactive way.  Travel Bags with Annita comes to you via radio on WDUN AM 550 every other Saturday from 1 – 2pm.  Our website is the place to stop by regularly for up to date travel news and what’s trending.  And the best part of all – our site continues to grow with information shared from your experiences, trips, chats and the latest industry news.  Our section, “Just Got Back.” is where you can read all about our latest experiences while traveling.

Travel is a wonderful way to open your mind with cultural intrigue, interesting people and awesome destinations!


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  1. I can’t wait to hear the radio show and read your blog! Fun!

  2. ashaki, tom and devon eilts

    congrats Anita! we love and miss you!

  3. What a great place and concept!! Can’t wait to listen and watch.

  4. Annita…..what a great idea, and you are the perfect person for the job Once bitten by the travel bug, it never leaves your system. I look forward to some great travel places and tips. I would be interested in hearing some tips for travelling safely by yourself.

    • Hi Connie,
      Thx for the great support! I still talk about our fun times at PAA. Especially an India trip & our leather suits we had made. And the crazy visit to the embassy to get more money for even more shopping.
      We have a great article on traveling solo on this site. Here’s a link. If you have other ides or questions, please add them.

      Once bitten for sure…. Need for travel & adventure never ends!

  5. Hi Annita … Girl you have been busy! So very proud of all that you do … we must catch up very soon!


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