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How Well Do You Know Aruba?


Aruba, the beautiful island in the Caribbean, with a Dutch influence, great culinary options, beautiful turquoise water and warm friendly people.  How well do you know the island? Test yourself.  No need to share your score.  The answers are at the bottom, so what you don’t know, you’ll also learn all about it…… So……

How well do you know Aruba


1. What tourist attraction built in 1750 and reconstructed in 1953 is known as the Pilgrim’s Chapel.

A. Aruba’s Museum of History and Saint Nicolas Building
B. Caribbean Museum of History and The Folk Art Center
C. Alto Vista Chapel and Santa Ana Church

2. What activity takes place every Tuesday at 6:30 pm in the Fort Zoutman Courtyard in Aruba?

A. Bon Bini Festival
B. Aruba Ariba Festival
C. Caribbean night on the town

3. The sun is the hottest at what times of the day in Aruba?
A. 12noon to 5 pm
B. 11 am to 3 pm
C. 10 am to 6 pm


4. Travel can be filled with formalities. Aruba offers something very special to   US Citizens.
A. No fees to exchange money
B. Pre-US Customs Clearance
C. Free long-distance calls

5. What is the Balashi Cocktail?
A. Aruba’s national drink
B. Special welcome drinks at the Brickell Bay Beach Club
C. Aruba’s high-quality fresh water

6. What is the name of Aruba’s capital city?
A. Oranjestad
B. San Nicolas
C. Santa Cruz

7. There are over 100 endangered donkeys living in this location. 
A. Dude horse ranch
B. Donkey Sanctuary
C. Butterfly Farm


8. The Brickell Bay Beach Club and Spa is a favorite of many tourists. The Brickell Bay Beach Club and Spa is located on which beach?
A. Baby Beach
B. Eagle Beach
C. Palm Beach

9. How large is the island of Aruba?

A. 19.6 miles long and 6 miles across
B. 11 miles long and 8 miles across
C. 35 miles long and 10 miles across

10. What currency is widely accepted in Aruba?
A. Aruba dollar
B. English pound
C. U.S. dollar

11. Taking a taxi in Aruba is easy. The taxis system is set up with________
A. Taxi meters
B. Rates set by the government
C. Arranged only at taxi stands and hotels

12. How many restaurants are on the island.
A. Around 100
B. Over 200
C. 85


13. The coolest months in Aruba are?
A. May through Oct.
B. December through March
C. Aug. through Nov.

14. You may write a personal check in Aruba at the following places:
A. Your hotel
B. Restaurants and shopping centers
C. Personal checks from outside of Aruba are not accepted.


15. What airline flies into Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao?
A. Royal Airlines
B. Tiara Airlines
C. Aruba International Airlines

16. In Aruba, there is the well known and very popular Divi Divi. What is it?
A. A popular beach and lagoon
B. A native dress for women
C. A tree – known for pointing southwesterly from the trade winds


17. Which language is not officially spoken in Aruba?
A. Dutch
B. French
C. Papiamento

18.  What Spanish explorer discovered Aruba in 1499?
A.  Christopher Columbus
B. Alonso de Ojeda
C.  Filipino Ojeda

19. The Dutch occupied the island starting in 1636 to protect their supply of what?
A.  Salt
B.  Sugar
C.  Gold

20. Aruba is located how many miles north of Venezuela?
A.  10 miles
B.  50 miles
C.  15 miles

21. What are the two styles of hotels in Aruba?
A. Pre-check-in and on-site check-in
B. High-rise and low-rise
C. Luxury and budget


22. Aruba is located how many miles north of Venezuela?
A. 16 miles
B. 95 miles
C. 50 miles

23. Carnival is a big part of Aruba’s culture, history, and annual events. What year did Aruba Carnival officially start?
A. 1929
B. 1954
C. 1985


1. C – Alto Vista Chapel and Santa Ana Church.  Additional info: Alto Vista Chapel is also known as the Pilgrim’s Chapel and was built in 1750 and reconstructed in 1953. Santa Ana Church is the second most important religious center in Aruba. Alto Vista is the first.
2. A –  Bon Bini Festival.  Additional info: An emcee introduces traditionally costumed folk dancers, various genres of local music and local artists. A great cultural experience!
3. B –  11 am to 3 pm – Additional info: Aruba is a dry island with vegetation and topography unusual for the Caribbean. The interior is desert like with Cacti and dramatic rock formations. Only a few scattered showers annually, so the sun does shine in Aruba.
4. B –  Pre-US Customs Clearance
5. C – Aruba’s high-quality fresh water
6. A – Oranjestad
7. B – Donkey Sanctuary
8. C – Palm Beach
9. A – 19.6 miles long and 6 miles across
10.C – U.S. dollar – the currency in Aruba is: Florins
11. B -Rates are set by the government and available on charts in your taxi
12. B – Over 200 restaurants
13. B – December – March
14. C – Personal check from out of Aruba are not accepted.
15. B – Tiara Airlines
16. C -A tree – known for pointing southwesterly from the trade winds
17. B – French – Because of French tourists, many people speak French, but it is not considered an official language.
18. B – Alonso de Ojeda
19. A – Their supply of Salt
20. C – Fifteen miles
21. B – High-rise and low-rise
22. Sixteen miles
23. B – 1954




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