Meet the team

Annita – Expert lover of travel

Hello, I am the Annita of Travel Bags with Annita.  My wanderlust really started when I was a child, listening to my father talk about his time traveling in Europe and North Africa during WWII.  The places he mentioned sounded exotic, fascinating and a little mysterious.  His stories were filled with cultural intrigue and interesting people.  Enough to make me dream of traveling to far away places – as soon as I could.  The latest National Geographic magazine was a staple on the coffee table in our home, and we traveled the globe through the pictures.

It only made sense that I would join Pan Am World Airways as a flight attendant and travel the world.  My love of travel, a keen interest in culture and my ease with meeting people made up for any possible “lost in translation” moments!  I always felt each trip was new and exciting.

I now manage a group of luxury vacation rental cottages on Sapelo Island, GA and enjoy this side of travel and tourism!  And, I host a syndicated travel radio show, Travel Bags with Annita & Friends on WDUN AM 550, WMLB AM 1690 and WCFO AM 1160, providing great informational tips for our wonderful listeners. And, our Just Got Back travel blog shares recent trips, tips, and travel news.

Favorite place to relax or vacation: The Georgia coast is always calling my name. There is nothing like the sunrise on Nannygoat Beach on Sapelo Island watching the day come alive or as the locals say, “day clean.”

Must have for every trip: An extra oversized bag I can pack and take out when I need it. Right now I have a wonderful canvas bag that’s my favorite, and it’s from Pan Am Brands; makes it really unique.

Favorite music for a road trip: Something high energy and fast, so I can “seat dance” and sing!

Favorite food: Special meals prepared by Doc Bill

Travel tip: Gather all must have items (meds, passport, itinerary, any pre-purchased tickets) a day or two ahead and put them in your carry on. Being organized for your trip is so important and also helps you stay on time!

Packing tip: Plastic zip lock bags for anything that might leak, spill or stain.

DJ Bill — radio producer

I’m not much of a world traveler, but I love what I learn from Annita’s escapades! I did tour Europe with a band and choral group in high school. We did eight countries in two weeks, including portions of Germany, Netherlands, France and Belgium, the home of my favorite fictional traveler, Herge’s Tintin!

After obtaining a degree in Speech and Theater, I found myself in Georgia where I started work at WDUN in 1993. My big break was the O.J. Simpson trial. I spent about twenty years as the production manager with the station before I became the event producer and writer for DJ Diversions, writing material for DJ Trivia and DJ Bingo, two nationwide restaurant games available throughout the United States.

Not that I don’t HAVE wanderlust! Being a big fan of classic TV, I hope to one day visit London and MOST of all, Portmeirion, South Wales, where it is possible to stay in the bungalows used in the classic series The Prisoner (as well as a particularly favorite Doctor Who episode).

Favorite place to relax or vacation: anyplace with sand and water! Love the beach, and I look forward to visiting Sapelo Island very soon. My best friend, my whippet mix Casey, loves to dig in the sand. The sound of the surf is a siren’s song to me.

Must have for every trip: charging devices for my technology. Charging my devices by day so that I can listen to them at night. Also an old-fashioned book that does NOT require charging. Usually a Nero Wolfe murder mystery or one of the Master and Commander series from Patrick O’Brian.

Favorite music for a road trip: I love classic old-time radio, and I have literally hundreds of hours of it in my collection. I enjoy listening to the programs that aired on this date in history, so the longer the road trip, the closer I get to my birthday!

Favorite food: Seafood, of course. But I subscribe to the belief that pizza should be its own food group.

Travel tip: Don’t go alone, if you can help it. It’s not just where you go, but also the people that you’re with.

Packing tip: Pack light! Only take what you absolutely need. It makes unpacking and unloading much less cumbersome. I can almost always travel with just an overpacked gym bag.

Doc Bill – Expert food, culture and nature lover

The best way to describe me is farmer, wild and domestic food & plants explorer and expert.  I can spend the whole day and also part of the night at my organic farm.  I love to watch the farm grow.  Experimenting with heirloom and unusual seeds and plants; discovering a usual plant or seed. I am inspired!

I have a passion for food lore and mythology; they connect to my style of cooking.  A meal is a creation born from nature, culture, and great ingredients.  Cooking to me is a show of love for the food and the people you are cooking for.

The first food I learned to cook was Thai.  And it’s still one of my favorite.  I am always looking for a new area of gardening and cooking to explore.  Heirloom and rare bean/peas are what’s trending with me right now.   By the way….I do have a day job as a physician!

Favorite place to relax or vacation: The Big Island of Hawaii and close by – the Georgia coast

Must have for every trip: Camera, i-pad and telephone!

Favorite music for a road trip: Books on tape are my favorite

Favorite food: Mom and pop local restaurants. There is always a great dish to uncover and make my favorite

Travel tip: Discover the food from the region and enjoy a local, traditional dish

Packing tip: Don’t forget your chargers and a converter for international trips!

Nichole – Producer of future road warriors l

I like to think of myself as a Road Warrior.  For the last twelve years I have traveled around the U.S. and internationally for work, taking TV crews to some of the smallest and largest cities on the map. Now I am an executive with one of the largest media and entertainment outlets in the world.  

I have a big zest for life and am filled with wanderlust. When I am not working, you can find me dreaming up and planning my next adventure in order to leave behind the stress of the day and expand my mind with images I would never see, people I would never meet, food I would never eat, and cultures I would never understand without the endless excitement and burning will to find them.  ROAD WARRIOR – Full speed ahead!!!

Favorite place to relax or vacation: One of my favorite places to relax is a hotel called Casa del Mar. It’s only about a 15-minute drive from my house and I can go very easily to sit in their lobby or lounge on the beach just outside the hotel. It’s a great getaway right at home. As for favorite vacation spot, I have been to many places, yet there are still so many to see. Maybe after a few more trips and a few more years of travel, I can finally settle on just one.

Must have for every trip: I have 2 must haves for every trip. The first is my Ipad. I bought it about a year ago for work, and it is amazing, allowing me to take the endless pictures that I go crazy for, read books when I want to relax, stay connected to friends and family, and it gives me instant access to numerous websites for places to go while I’m traveling. Number 2 is a regular old notepad and pen. I love to write whenever I feel inspired, and there is no better feeling than putting all out in ink. I’m not the best at it, but I also love to draw/sketch beautiful landscapes or interesting buildings, so it just gives me another way to convey my emotions at that moment without letting the high-tech distractions of my iPad get in the way.

Favorite music for a road trip: I have two depending on the type – Kesha is my go to for trips with my girlfriends when we drive to Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, etc. for a getaway. If I’m by myself and on more of a soul searching introspective ride, I turn to an album put out by my good friend Amber North. The beautiful melodies she put together are outstanding.

Favorite food: My favorite food is French Fries all the way, but I must say I have two trip guilty pleasures which are – Cheesy Doritos with salsa or Goldfish crackers with M&Ms. Either one is clutch for me when I’m traveling.

Travel tip: Always research where you are going so that you are prepared and know what to expect. This way once you’re there all you have to worry about doing is exploring.

Packing tip: It’s just a fact of life – you will never wear everything you pack, so instead of packing every outfit in your closet, think light. The less, the better. There is nothing worse than not being able to explore your surroundings because you are weighed down by too many bags. Take the essentials and be spontaneous about the rest.

Steven – Mr. Air Miles

I have worked in the travel industry for over 30 years. And a lot of that time as a frequent traveler. So I know the business through my job and personal experience too!


I LOVE to travel, exploring new places and learning new cultures.

For several years I worked with Annita, where we became very good friends, and the two of us traveled the world for business.

I am originally from London but have also lived in Sydney, Chicago and now Singapore.

While in London I had a regular phone-in show on BBC Radio to share my travel expertise, as well as contributing to the BBC1 TV shows Perfect Holiday and Holiday 10 Best.
I have two cats and enjoy photography and keeping fit- always a challenge when you travel.

Favorite place to relax or vacation: Cape Town- it has everything! Culture. Beaches. Mountains. Wineries. Wildlife. Great Restaurants

Must have for every trip: Camera (but now I just need my smartphone)!

Favorite music for a road trip: Australian rock is great to sing-a-long to Midnight Oil, Faker, INXS

Favorite food: Healthy: Cashews. Non-Healthy: Chocolate Fondant Cake

Travel tip: Get a prepaid SIM card when you arrive at your destination

Packing tip: Put jackets and trousers in first then roll them around the rest of your clothes- they will not get creases!

Jack – Master of the traveling car

I am the true road warrior, traveling and keeping the car safe from strangers.  I love to sit in the front seat just like a regular passenger.  But, I ride on the back seat and sleep until it’s time to stop for a walk.  I love protecting the car and keeping mom and dad safe with my big growls and barks.

I sometimes travel with my sister and brother too, but they don’t know as much as I do about traveling with your doggie friends.  I can answer those questions and plan to have a lot to bark…. oh I mean talk about and share with everyone.

I am a good swimmer and can run really, really far on the beach.  I love when my sister and brother run on the beach with me.  I guess it is just natural because I was born on the Georgia coast and can’t get enough of the marsh, the beach and watching the big birds.  I am also the captain of the Sapelo ferry, greeting everyone as they get onboard.

When you travel with your doggie,  don’t forget to pack the toys and treats.

Favorite place to relax or vacation:  Running on Sapelo’s Cabretta and Nannygoat beaches

Must have for every trip:  Cookies and chicken strips

Favorite music for a road trip:  Listening to mom sing

Favorite Food:  Dad’s liver brownies are my favorite and always a special treat when he makes them.

Travel tip:  Plan for potty stops

Packing tip:  Don’t forget to pack the water bowl and a few tennis balls are good to bring along too!  And, don’t forget my leash.  I’ll need it for all my walks on the beach and around the squares in Savannah.