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Destination: U.S. Mint Quarters and Commemorative Coins Programs

The U.S. Mint Quarters and Commemorative Coins can be an inspiration.  You can be inspired to travel by many things Inlcuding quarters. Several years ago I started featuring places to visit around the U.S. based. On the U.s. Mint State Quarters.  

I was inspired by the designs on the back of the quarters to research and learn more about the places featured on the reverse side of the quarters.  I quickly realized the designs also represented places to travel and see what makes each state unique and a great place for a getaway.  There are monuments, historic sites, flora and fauna, iconic Americans and so much more featured on the back of a quarter.  

I’m sure many of you were like me, collecting quarters and waiting with anticipation for the next design to be released. Well that was back in the early 1990’s  and since the original quarter designs, the U.S. Mint has also feature the American the Beautiful quarters, and now the American Women Program. Coins are continuing to inspire us to take a quarter out of our pocket, flip it over and let the adventure begin.  

Since the start of my podcast quarter miles travel, I’ve been fascinated by the results of my research to learn more about the designs on the quarters.  I’ve learned so much about things I thought I already knew. What I didn’t know, was all of the behind the scenes planning, research, preparation, and extensive amount of steps the U.S. Mint staff puts into making each of the quarters programs and many other coins and medals too. 

I had a chance to have a long chat with Greg Weinman, Senior Legal Counsel of the Department of the Treasury. He has worked with each of the programs to help ensure accuracy and that all of the proper steps are taken to produce the coins that inspire us. 

On the show, Greg starts with sharing why the State Quarters program was started and goes on to tell us how the program has also been very helpful for enhancing the U.S. Mint in a very modern.

Quarters can inspire us. Take a look at some of the reverse sides of the American Women and America the Beautiful Quarters.

All photos courtesy of U.S. Mint

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