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Windstar Cruises

Now is the perfect time to start planning your next getaway. Windstar Cruises is one of the best ways to see the world and check off those bucket list destinations is by cruising.  

You jump on board and you’re set for the next days – no repacking, checking in and out of different hotels, finding your way through strange cities trying to locate your hotel or rental apartment. Cruising throws all of that hassle overboard. 

I recently sailed with Windstar Cruise on their Star Pride ship. Their luxury yacht ship with stops in Barcelona, Morocco, Spain and Portugal was my home away from home. I was most amazed with my excursion, hiking the Rock of Gilbratar and visiting Casablanca. I’d always wanted to see Casablanca since childhood, when my father talked about his time there in the service.  

Wind star has a very warm and inviting vibe. When you’re onboard, it takes only a few minutes to make friends with other passengers and the crew too.  I wanted to know more about this spirit of inclusion and oneness that spreads throughout the ship.  I sat down with several crew members to talk about how you too can have an adventure onboard Windstar.


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