Destination: Year In Review 2023

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Year in review

Destination: Year in Review 2023

Farewell to 2023. This  year in review highlights a phenomenal travel year of travel.I’ve had a chance to visit countries I had not visited in over twenty years.  Some places since my Pan Am days. It’s always enlightening to revisit a place after so many years, to see what has changed and what has remained the same. 

Several of the countries I revisited, I had a chance to explore new cities and areas. This was one of the highlights of my travel  – exploring places I thought I already knew.  

On the show, I share some of my favorite conversations and trips during my amazing year of travel. On each of the trips I learned a great deal, became inspired by the personal stories shared and the experience of being one-on-one with the people, places and cultures around the globe.  

Early in 2023 I traveled on the Rocky Mountaineer from Moab Utah to Denver Colorado. I’ve always loved train travel and this luxury experience is top of my list for spectacular experiences and I think it should be on yours too. 

During my time on the train, I talked with Carolyn Rohaly about the Rocky Mountaineer and why it’s your option to visiting the Canadian Rockies or the US Red Rocks.

The idea of traveling around the world visiting cities and places you’ve seen in photos is a dream most of us have. But, there are some people who travel as their job. Traveling around the world all the time.  What is that like?

Although I worked for an international airline for almost 13 years, I still wonder what would it be like to work on a cruise ship, where you’re traveling all the time from place to place and meeting new friends on the ship and in port.  

On what I call my dream trip, sailing with Windstar Cruises to Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Gibraltar, I sat down with two of their crew, Richard Mayer, hotel manager and Joseph Rose, receptionist,. Their warm personality, fun spirited outlook on life, made my cruise fun but also had me wondering what would it be like to work on a cruise ship. They were the perfect pair to ask.

The podcast – Quarter Miles Travel goes in search of history featured on the back of a U.S. Mint state and commemorative quarters.  Greg Wyman gives us all the details on how the program started.

Last on the show is a trip to Sweden and a journey along the Viking trail. The show went in search finding the truth vs. the Hollywood myths shown in TV and films.

Listen and come along to some of my favorite destinations and trips for 2023.

Check out their website:
Rocky Mountaineer

Windstar Cruises

Quarter Miles Travel

Year in review 2023

Year in review 2023

year in review



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