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Destination: Marathon Man and The Lady Who Traveled The World – May 23, 2015

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Two very fascinating people with great life stories to share. If you missed it, you have a chance to click below and hear it from start to finish. Or maybe you're ready to hear it all over again. Marathon man - Roosevelt Giles - Segment One Marathon Man - Roosevelt...

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Destination: Travel And History Connect – 40th Anniversary of the Last Pan Am Flight From Saigon -April 25, 2015

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There are stories that inspire us to believe in the human spirit, to believe that we can overcome barriers and reach great heights. One story that was shared with me over 20 years ago has stuck with me through the years. Although I heard it many times, it still brings...

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Destination: Pan American World Airways – The glamour days – December 20, 2014

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A great show right? And, you'd love to hear it again! Or maybe you missed it and you're relaxing first class style, ready to hear all about the glamour days of Pan American World Airways. There are four great segment to listen to - make sure and hear each one - you...

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Going Back To Dubai

Going Back To Dubai

During my years with Pan Am a stop in Dubai was a great time for shopping at the airport for gold and then right back on the airplane.  The airport staff and crew were always very friendly, helpful and got us on our way without incident. We headed on to Bombay and did...

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