Destination: La Castilla La Mancha To The City of Cuenca

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Destination La Castilla La Mancha and the city of Cuenca

La Castilla La Mancha and the city of Cuenca was a fascinating place to visit.  The history, culture, food scene and spectacular views should not be missed. During my time in La Castilla La Mancha I also visit the city of Toledo which I share on part one of this series about my trip in Oct.

My trip started with a non-stop flight from Atlanta to Madrid with an overnight stay in Chinchón located in the Madrid region. Dinner at our Parador (hotel) that evening was the perfect way to wrap up a day of sightseeing the local sites and putting a bit of jet lag to rest. On to Cuenca and Toledo for an experience that was filled with so many exciting activities and culinary experiences.

UNESCO World Heritage sites were given to Toledo in 1986 and Cuenca since 1996. With all the history of both cities, this trip is sure to fulfill a dream vacation for you and your travel buddies.

Take a listen to the show today and hear all about things you can see and do.

When you’re ready to start planning your visit, here are a list of websites to get you going.


Parador Cuenca
Parador Toledo 

La Casa de la Sirena Restaurant  with Chef Jesús Segura and also ambassador chef of Culinary Roots Castilla-La Mancha

Raff San Pedro Restaurant with Chef Miguel Escutia and ambassador chef of Culinary Roots Castilla-La Mancha Cuenca Gastronómica and Michelin recommendation restaurant
La Cave Restaurant 
El Alfar Restaurant
La Clandestina Restaurant 
Alfileritos 24 Restaurant 

Things to see and do
Spanish Abstract Art Museum in the Hanging Houses 
Cathedral of Cuenca
Swords – Zamorano Espadas
El Greco´s Home Museum ( There is also a hotel here)
El Transito Synagogue (Sefardi Museum) 
Marzipan Obrador de Santo Tomé

Check out photos from the trip.

We’re live on Mornings on Maine with Bill Maine. From Cuenca to Gainesville, GA


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