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Salamanca – Castilla y Leon’s city of beauty

Salamanca, I just love saying the name. It brings to mind a region of Spain known for education, history and food. And, beauty too.  The city if known for ornate sandstone architecture which is centuries old.  The University of Salamanca, found in the 1100’s and a center for intellectual and educational studies in the 15th and 16th centuries.  The university continues to operate today and a visit provides a chance to have a glimpse of how education and study was performed so many years ago.  

Located in the western part of Spain and close to Portugal and reachable by airport in Valladolid.  

For food – pork is king and cured hams produced in Guljuelo, a village in the Southern part of the Salamanca province are prized for their delicious flavor. Food and wine in this area is known around the world. An evening in Plaza Mayor provides a great way to enjoy food,  wine, people watch and enjoy the day transition into night.

St. Teresa live in  the House of St. Teresa for four years.  It was given to her by a family member, her brother in-law, as a place for her to stay and this is the place where she completed her 7th foundation.  The house is known as the place where she wrote the poem “I live without living in me.”

Other points of interest:

Cathedrals of Salamanca – there are new and old ones
Convent of San Esteban
Roman Bridge
Casa Lis Building Museum of Art Deco and Art Nouveau

More information:

The Roman Bridge
The Roman Bridge holds a ton of history in the cobble stones and sandstone arches. Today a park beside the bridge provides the perfect outing for families, studies and wellness activities.
Beautiful cathedrals around the city and university buildings.
Cathedral of Salamanca
Cathedrals have beautiful details and ornate designs. The doors also add character to the architecture.
Salamanca is know as one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Beautiful landscapes, buildings and public spaces are all around.
Plaza Mayor – wonderful place for an evening of food, friends and enjoyment.

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