10 Tips For Spring Break Travel

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10 Tips For Spring Break Travel

These 10 tips for spring break travel will get you back out on the road ready for fun and adventure. For most of us it has been a long two years of staying close to home, continuing to social distance during vacation and many times choosing to not leave home at all.

Here are 10 tips to revive your old travel mojo and get you back on the road again.


10 Tips For Spring Break Travel

Travel advisors are knowledgable and have relationships with travel brands to plan your vacation. 

1.  Consult a travel advisor
As travel gears up to numbers higher than we’ve seen in two years, now is a good time to find a travel advisor to help you plan the trip to fit your budget, getaway dreams and most of all ready to offer expert advice.  Travel advisors have long standing relationships with travel brands and can help you with planning and also when mishaps happen during your trip.
2.  Look for experiences – not just beaches and tours
Gone are the days where vacation means sitting on the beach, sipping a fuzzy drink and reading a book. Local tours are offering opportunities to take classes, learn about cultural traditions and interact with local residents ready to show you the secret finds around the city. Experiences are a great way to learn more about the things you thought you already knew and have a little fun too. Look for tour companies offering local immersion tours where you’ll come home with more memories than you thought possible.
3. Stay schedule savvy
It’s Spring Break and that means it’s also going to be a busy time as people book travel after being homebound for a long time. With a peak travel season there is bound to be long lines. However, there is always a tip to help keep the stress and frustration down. Plan tours and activities during the less crowded times.  Generally, morning hours are best for having less people (who wants to stand in line when you could be having fun) and if there is a cancelation or problem with your plans, there is more time to rescue the day’s plans by rebooking or making other arrangements. Early morning gives you the options to be flexible and save the day.
10 Tips For Spring Break Travel

Load up on snacks, water and beverages to save the budget.


4.  Bring snacks & water for your outings
The price of everything is going up. Plan for snacks and water for everyone during the day and evening too. This tip is a budget saver too. Head over to the local grocery store or market and load up on snacks and beverages for the room or house, and also for your activities during the day. Purchasing water at tourist spots can be three to four times what you would pay at a local market.
5.  Have a copy of your itinerary – digital and hard copy
You may have your itinerary, tickets, passes and confirmations on your phone, but what happens if you lose your phone or you can not load your documents.  A hard copy tucked in a bag or pocket, is the answer and gets you on your way.
10 Tips For Spring Break Travel

Take interior and exterior photos of damage with a timestamp app.


6. Take photos of your car rental
Are you renting a car during Spring Break? Things have changed a little and car rental companies are getting tougher about damage, yet at the same time, it appears they are getting relaxed. Gone are the days when someone assisted you with finding your car, checking for damage and answering any questions. Now, you’re given a stall number and told the keys are in the car. Take a walk around your car and take photos of any dents, scratches, stains, rips and general damage.  Use a time stamp app to ensure your photos have the time and location on them. Save them; just in case.
Additionally, to cover yourself for any extra expenses during your travels, protect yourself with Rental Car Damage Protector insurance. “Gas prices are on everyone’s mind, but they aren’t dampening Americans’ desire to hit the road for Spring Break,” said Daniel Durazo, director of external communications for Allianz Partners USA. “Choosing Allianz’s Rental Car Damage Protector over rental car counter collision damage products can help travelers secure the coverage, benefits and service they need at a reasonable cost, preserving funds for vacation experiences and souvenirs.”
7.  Flight delays are still a thing – download that app
The number of flights has been down over the last two years, however, delays can still happen and cause hiccups with your travel plans.  Download the airline app to your phone for the latest updates, alternate flights and airport diagrams with gate locations. While you’re downloading the airline app, also grab the hotel app, car rental app and any other apps for your vacation activities.
8.  Book hotels with flexible plans
Here’s where a travel advisor will come in handy. Booking hotels with online sites  can come with limited cancelation options, fees or no cancellation on the day of your check in. Bookings with low rates usually come with no refunds. Travel insurance is a good addition to ensure you are covered for cancellations and delays. Allianz Travel Insurance is my travel buddy and can be yours too.
10 Tips For Spring Break Travel

Take your vitamins and keep up your prescriptions meds. Photo credit: Mark Adams

9.  Take your vitamins
Staying healthy is always a good idea while home or on the road. When you’re on the road, you are exposed to more situations to pick-up germs and bugs that will curtail your travel plans. Bring along your vitamins – for the whole family and keep everyone vacation ready.
10. Walk when you can – it’s good for you!
Walking is great! With gas and fuel pricing going up, up and up walking when and where you can allows you to breath the fresh air and stay in shape too. Bring along water, snacks and great walking shoes.
Where are the top destinations for Spring Break fun?  Allianz Travel Insurance survey results shows the top places to say “it’s all fun and relaxation!”
Photos – Allianz Travel Insurance and Finn PR
Want more tips and suggestions?  Here’s more information and travel tips 


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