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Wallets With RFID Protection – The perfect travel gift


Forget the suit ties and socks for dad this Father’s Day and bring on something that shows you know exactly what he needs. And, if the father who you’re searching for the perfect gift is often on the road here’s a gift that will have him saying “thank you” over and over again.

The Micro wallet by GO Travel with RFID protection is the answer. Give him something that will help protect him when traveling. You may ask what is RFID and why must it be protected. Radio Frequency Identification or RFID refers to the information chip found in your credit cards and other identification, such as passports. Criminals are finding ways to keep up with new technology and can snatch information from RFID chips, without touching your card. Scanners are used from a distance to gather information, and they can do it without your knowledge.


It’s the Micro Wallet with RFID protection! Place all your credit cards in one safe and secure place.

A wallet with RFID protection keeps information secure and away from digital thieves. The Micro Wallet has three inside pockets for credit cards and one outside “instant tap” cardholder unlocking the RFID proctor, allowing you to use your credit card without taking it out of the wallet. And, like a traditional wallet, there is a pocket for cash bills.
An outer instant tap allows you to use your card without taking it out of your wallet.


The stylish fabric works to prevent scanner signals from gaining access to your cards inside your wallet, and it looks great too! And, the father who receives this fantastic wallet will appreciate how thin it is.
The slip is small and fits in your pocket with no problem.
Inside The Slip is the perfect size for the active traveler who needs a solution to “where will I put my wallet?” It small enough to fit anywhere!


Pair the Micro with The Slip. A mini card carrier with RFID protection too and for the guy who likes to run and workout to stay in shape while traveling, this is the perfect accompaniment to The Micro; you can place to your hotel key and one other card in the slot, and away you go. The magnetic snaps keep everything secure, and you’re off for a quick run or maybe a long hike.

Put this item on your gift list. And, ladies while you’re at it. Get one for yourself. They are perfect for ladies too.

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