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LG Smart Appliances and Best Buy Make Summer Vacation Easier

LG Smart Appliances and Best Buy Make Summer Vacation Easier


Summer vacation season is right around the corner. School is wrapping up, and it’s time to start planning all the family gatherings, and cooking is always a part of family fun. Summer vacations go both ways – you’re off to visit family and friends, and they will be heading to your home for a get-away too. Now’s a good time to survey your kitchen to replace all the things you’ve wanted to renew for a while now.

Head over to Best Buy to check out their LG Kitchen appliances. I recently had a chance to see LG’s exclusive Matte Black stainless steel appliances. And, wow! are they gorgeous. It combines the timeless beauty and utility of stainless steel with luxe and low-gloss matte finish that will compliment your kitchen decor. It will fit right in with what you have now.

LG appliances are smart! They are wi-fi and voice-enabled which allows you to control your kitchen appliances remotely from where ever you may be. You can change the setting, check status or turn them on or off. Now, that makes life more comfortable, and that’s just what we need during the summer rush. Easy!

And, if you have Alexa, you can communicate with your refrigerator through Alexa; “Alexa, turn on ice plus for my family gathering tonight!”

And, another cool feature of the LG refrigerator is the ability to see what’s inside without opening the door! That’s an excellent feature for those sunny days when thirst is high, and everyone wants to know “what do you have to drink?” No need to have hundreds of “open and close” of the frig door. Just “knock, knock, knock” on the door, and it illuminates so you can see what’s inside. Check out the video where I had a chance to see it first hand at Mom 2.0 Summit, earlier this year in Pasadena.  Here’s the link to my Facebook post with the video:



Summer fun comes along with laundry and lots of it. Everything from grass stains to muddy sneakers, summer fun means exploring in all the outdoor activities we wait all year to do. There’s no need to put them on pause; with LG washers and dryers with SmartThinQ technology you will find doing laundry is actually part of the fun too. LG will change the way you do laundry.

Start and stop each cycle remotely, get updates when laundry is finished and my favorite – reminders for scheduled maintenance. Alexa comes in again to help with laundry. Ask, “Alexa, how much time is left on my wash cycle?” She’ll know, and you don’t have to stop and go check it yourself. The dryer is pretty smart too. Receive a SmartThinQ app notification that our dry cycle has finished. Clean laundry makes a happy home.


Round up your home with a full set of appliances with a dishwasher with smart features too, where you receive a notification that the cycle has finished. And, summer means a continuous supply of delicious, yummy meals. The LG range has SmartThinQ app notification too. Check the time remaining on your favorite dish.

It’s time to spruce up all your appliances and go for the LG smart appliances. To help you make it a reality, Best Buy offers a Summer Kitchen Bundle which starts on May 10 and continues to July 11. You have time to go over to your local Best Buy, touch and feel all the buttons and knobs, ask questions and get your order in before the Summer Kitchen Bundle ends.
Here’s the bundle:

• Purchase a 4-piece Kitchen Bundle and receive up to $400 INSTANT rebate.  LG and LG Studio models are eligible for this offer.
• The Summer Kitchen Bundle is available over Independence Day holiday.
LG Ultimate Laundry Room Rebate (5/10 – 7/11)
• Purchase a qualifying laundry bundle and receive up to a $400 rebate

The Summer Kitchen Bundle ends on July 11. But, you’ll want to get your kitchen set up and ready for the July 4th celebrations; you’ll be proud to say, “the party’s at my house!” and have no worries about cooking or cleaning up afterward. LG has you covered.


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  1. LG electronics appliance are very smart & reliable , either it is for home or for kitchen. It make your task more easy. But the maintaince ofthese appliance is also an important task. If it’s not working proplery the you have to consult with some professional LG repair center. I’m also offering Lg Fridge and Lg Dishwasher Repair service in Montreal.

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