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Aruba – 10 Things To Do

DSC_3057Aruba – 10 Fun Things To Do –   By Olivia Varnson

When I picture Aruba in my mind, I envision sandy white beaches and the crystal blue ocean. You can never go wrong with a vacation by the water, but the island of Aruba has so much more to offer. From animal sanctuaries to go-kart riding, there is an adventure to be had for every kind of traveler.

Here are my list of 10 things:


  1. Visit Philip’s Animal Garden in Noord, Aruba
    Learn more about the animals of Aruba and from around the world. Philip’s Animal Garden is a shelter and rehabilitation center as well as a place for visitors to interact with and learn about over 50 species of exotic animals from around the world. Visitors can touch and feed DSC_3123some of the garden’s inhabitants as well. Tours are offered every half hour between 9am to 5pm, seven days a week. (Website:
  2. Take a guided Safari with ABC Tours in Oranjestad, Aruba
    According to, ABC Tours has become the most requested Safari on the island. Customers can drive or be driven in a customized Safari-Style Jeep throughout the island for some off-roading and exploring. (Website:
  3. Explore the caves in the Arikok National Park
    The Guadirikiri Cave extends for about 100 feet and is home to hundreds of harmless bats. The Fontein Cave features drawings of Arawak Indians on the ceiling. The Huliba Cave is known as the Tunnel of Love for its heart-shaped entrance and it is 300 feet long.
  4. See the sights while horseback riding
    There are several riding services available. The Gold Mine Ranch provides customers with expeditions to the beaches of the northeast coast and the Hidden Valley and Hidden Lagoon. Experience is not required and there are horses suitable for all ages. (Website: The Rancho Notorious specializes in personalized tours, offering a total of seven different tours. These tours include rides along the countryside, the beach, Malmok Reef, the Sand Dunes and Alto Vista Chapel. (Website: Rancho Daimari is located within the National Park where visitors will see preserved wildlife and plant life as well as beautiful beaches. (Website:
  5. IMG_4592Relax at a spa
    Body and Soul spa is located at the Tierra del Sol Resort, Spa & Country Club in Noord, Aruba. Their spa treatments are designed to ease tension and restore balance, with a selection of therapies ranging from massages and body wraps to aromatherapies and hydrotherapy. (Website: Spa Del Sol in Manchebo, Aruba offers guests massages in outdoor cabanas where they can enjoy the views of the beach. Guests can choose from several different treatments such as hot stones, shiatsu massage therapy, body scrubs and wraps, manicures and pedicures, or relaxation time in the steam room or whirlpool. (Website:
  6. Meet an ostrich at the Aruba Ostrich Farm
    The Aruba Ostrich Farm is home to 80 ostriches as well as their Australian relative, the emu. There is a guided tour that educates visitors on the behavior of these creatures and visitors are given a chance to interact with the birds. On site there is an African Art Shop selling authentic pieces from South Africa and the Savanna Lodge Bar & Restaurant where visitors can dine with a view of the coast. (Website:
  7. Rent a kart at Bushiri Karting Speedway
    Bushiri Karting Speedway allows visitors to rent and ride 9 horsepower, 45 miles per hour performance karts. After being provided with racing helmets, head socks and instruction, racers can experience the outdoor racing track for themselves. The staff supervises each race. Refreshments and meals are available at the Fuel Sports Bar & Grill on site. (Website:
  8. Take a dip in the Natural Pool
    After a hike or a ride on horseback, explore the rugged terrain of the coastline and cool off in the Natural Pool. The Natural Pool was formed after years of the ocean spray tiding over the volcanic rocks and forming a depression. It is hard to imagine anything more refreshing than jumping into a pool that is surrounded by the ocean.
  9. Explore the Butterfly Farm
    On a guided tour through Aruba’s Butterfly Farm, visitors will learn about the life cycle of butterflies and can witness each stage in person as butterflies are constantly growing on the farm. Tour guides instruct guests how to handle butterflies and suggest wearing bright colors and citrus cologne if guests want butterflies to land on them. After the tour, guests can stay for as long as they like and take pictures and videos. They can also visit the gift shop and café to pick up butterfly-themed gifts. (Website:

DSC_298610. Relax with a yoga class
There are several different yoga classes available in Aruba, many of which are near or in hotels and resorts. Happy Buddha Aruba is located in a Cunucu style house, surrounded by a beautiful garden. It is the only studio to offer hot yoga, where rooms reach temperatures between 90-95 Fahrenheit to detox the body and increase flexibility. Many of the yoga classes offered range from an hour to two hours long and focus on stamina and core building. (Website: The Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa, previously featured in this post for its spa, offers packages for shorter-term visitors. The yoga classes take place looking out over Eagle Beach. Rachel Brathen is the official yoga instructor with classes ranging from the morning to evening, focusing on breathing and basic poses. (Website:

Keep this list in your Aruba file, because when it is time for you to head to the southern Caribbean, you’ll have everything you need to plan a fun vacation.

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