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Aruba – Let’s play in the water

Aruba – Let’s play in the water – by Olivia Varnson


Top Five Water Sports Activities

1. Go on a kayaking adventure
Kayaking is a unique way to get some exercise and explore the shore. It is challenging, fun and the best part is that you can go at your own pace. Visitors can also take part in the Aruba Kayak Adventure, which starts at the Mangel Halto Beach and follows through a mangrove forest. Take in the beautiful scenery and keep an eye out for the marine life below! (Website:

2. Surf and body board
Surf and body board at the best wave locations on the island For the more experienced water athlete, it can be a dream to find an isolated beach with powerful waves. According to, Wariruri is among the favorite spots for surfing and body boarding and Dos Playa beach has faster and more hollow waves. The waves at these beaches break later, so surfers and body boarders only have to branch out 50-100 feet, avoiding the coral reef, where the water only reaches about 10 feet in depth.

3. Diving Adventure!
Take your pick of a diving adventure with JADS Dive Center.   Come face to face with the marine life of Aruba. JADS Aruba advertises a personalized diving experience for all of its customers, complete with a 36ft. dive boat, full equipment rental and underwater camera rentals. JADS customers can explore 24+ difference dive sites for divers of all different levels.Beginners can get their license at JADS’s ocean side classroom too. (Website:

4. Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Try one of the fastest growing water sports, stand up paddle boarding. Travelers looking for a full-body workout and a unique way of exploring the Aruba coast should look no further than Stand Up Paddle Aruba, the only business in Aruba dedicated fully to paddle boarding. Stand Up Paddle provides equipment, lessons for individuals and groups, and rentals. Customers can rent equipment for one hour and up to a full day upon request. (Website:

5. Can’t decide… create your own experience!
If you can’t decide, visit Delphi Watersports No matter what kind of water sport adventure you had in mind, Delphi Water Sports has you covered. Their Catamaran Cruise takes guests on snorkeling adventures as well as sightseeing rides at sunset. The catamaran also has its own bar serving free cocktails. You can also rent your own jet boat with a group of 4 or 6 people. Try the Fly Fish Adventure, where a boat pulls guests on a float that glides a few feet into the air. Guests can also take a three-day course and ride their own Hobie Catamaran. The possibilities seem to be endless with Delphi Watersports. Visit them in front of the Hyatt Regency Hotel and the Playa Linda Resort in Noord, Aruba. (Website:

Whatever you decide you’ll have a fun time.  Aruba and water sports equals a great experience!


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