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Australia… It’s a great time to go!

B0003677On everyone’s dream vacation list  – Australia is listed and with a star to highlight it!  Australia is considered safe, fun, beautiful and a great adventure.  According to Tourism Australia who presented last week at the G’Day USA 2014 Australia Tourism Summit in Los Angeles, Australia remains the destination that tops the list for American vacationers yet, the urgency is not there to take the trip off the list and start planning the getaway.

Australia really shouldn’t be considered the distant relative in the family of dream vacations, because it can be affordable and easy to plan.

Here are our top ten ways to get-away down under:

1.  Got ahead and just do it!  Move Australia to the top of your list and start budgeting for it.  Determine how long you’ll need to save and plan.  If it will take you a year, start planning now.  For budgeting strategies; look for ways to take expenses out of your daily and weekly routine.  Maybe it’s the $4 a day cup of coffee, or deciding to not purchase that expensive splurge item (a new pair of shoes, a new TV) let those items wait while you have a phenomenal Aussie vacation.

2.  Work with a travel agent to find fabulous deals.  They know where the deals are.  How about a vacation as low as $2059 for eight days with airfare included.  Yes, there are deals to be had and fun to be experienced.  Finding a great deal means that dream vacation is within reach.

3.  Research great eateries in the cities where you’ll visit.  Get away from the expensive restaurants and enjoy meals in neighborhood settings where you can connect with the local culture and people.

4.  When visiting large cities, grab a map and walk.  It’s a great way to take in the sites, visit historic sites and get your exercise.  Sydney is a great walking city.   Walking instead of taking cabs saves money and puts in front of all the happenings!

5.   Visit – (

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