Destination: Churchill, Manitoba to see polar bears

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Churchill Manitoba polar bears

Churchill Manitoba
to see polar bears

Churchill Manitoba and polar bears is all about conservation and sustainability. It is vital to saving wildlife and preserving communities. I take a look at one company doing great things around the globe to ensure wildlife, culture, communities and economies are conserved and sustained.

Natural Habitat Adventures is making a difference around the world with their partnership with World Wildlife Fund. Their partnership offers a chance for conservation research and traveler experiences. Both create solutions to help better inform and implement sustainability practices and policies.

I had a chance to see first hand how Nat Hab works with communities to ensure tourism supplements local economies to keep them strong, all while protecting the polar bears who also call Churchill home.

Two of their outstanding expedition leaders share how Churchill is doing a great job of saving their polar bears. Leanne Thompson was my expedition leader and she was fantastic. It was an educational experience, learning about polar bears and their lifecycle, what they eat, their reproductive patterns and how they are surviving in a changing climatic environment.

This year I am on a mission to not only define sustainability and conservation, but also other aspects of our world in need of preserving. Culture, traditions, language, cuisine – the many things that make us want to travel the world and explore.  Court Whelan, Chief Sustainability Officer at Natural Habitat Adventures defines sustainability, conservation and eco-tourism and how each person can make a difference.

Take a listen and share what you think about sustainability and conservation.

Take a stroll through the photos from my trip.

Churchill Manitoba polar bears

Start with a flight from Winnipeg to Churchill onboard with Natural Habitat. Parkas and boots are provided.


Churchill Manitoba polar bears

Quick stops around Churchill to see the scenery and hear about the history of the city.


Churchill Manitoba polar bears

Polar bears visit the area, so stay clear as signs indicate.


Check in the hotel for an evening of continued work. But, polar bear slippers make it ok.


Churchill Manitoba polar bears

Out on the tundra and the bears are there in real life. It’s an amazing experience to see them in their habitat.



Many people have not had an opportunity to stand and look out at the tundra. It’s spectacular.


The rover buses provide great viewing from all angles, both inside and out.


Expedition leader Leanne Thompson share educational pointers about the bears.


Other wildlife is around too.


Another great season to visit Churchill is whale season.


This is the actual size of an adult male polar bear.


Of course sunset would be beautiful on the tundra


We were lucky and caught the Northern Lights. Magnificent!


And, a fun run with the dogs with Wapusk Adventures.








The community loves their polar bears. You can see it in the art around the city.




Great art on the polar bear jail. It’s where the naughty bears who come into town spend a little time before heading back out to the tundra. It’s for their safety and the local residents too.


Churchill Manitoba polar bears

Our home away from home.


Plan an adventure with Natural Habitat Adventures

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Photo credit:
Some polar bear photos – Leanne Thompson – Nat Hab Adventures
Northern Lights – Teresa Baer
Others – Annita Thomas


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