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Destination: Culinary Travel – Let’s travel for the food

Culinary Travel
Let’s Travel For The Food


Culinary travel.  It’s all about the food.  Are you a traveler with a purpose?  Maybe it’s to see a new exhibit at a world famous museum, or maybe you travel to celebrate a certain holiday festival, or maybe you’re like me and you’re ready to jump on a plane and travel for the cuisine.  

Travel and food go together well. I love to visit a destination to try a new restaurant and celebrate an iconic chef, tasting their fabulous culinary delights. The Travel With Annita team had a chance to enjoy two great culinary experiences. Nichole our creative producer dined with NOBU, the iconic restaurant created by renown celebrity Japanese chef – Nobuyuki “Nobu”  known for his fusion cuisine blending traditional Japanese dishes with other cultural cuisine. It’s also partially own by Robert De Niro.

I recently travel to Banff, Canada, our neighbors to the north. Invited by Pursuit a hotel and recreation company featuring hotels, local attractions and restaurants, I along with a group of food influencers enjoyed delicious food and beverages all through the day. I took some time to sit down with Chef Scott Hergott, executive chef of Banff properties. He shared not only the foods and beverages, but also some activities to work up a grand appetite.

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Have a listen to our discussions about two iconic culinary experiences.  Start planning your experience. You’ll thank me for sure.  And, have a cocktail for Nichole and I. 


Nobu Restaurant



Nobu Hotel

Banff – Pursuit Collection Restaurants




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